Origins: Viridi

After researching he had come to find that the mineral mining operation to the southeast of Russia was supposed to be drilling a radioactive mineral looking to replace the Thorium in nuclear energy. Just as Thorium had replaced Uranium years ago. The mineral was named Divinium and was supposed to be found around 20 kilometers under the surface in odd groupings, and one of the largest speculated one was located to the southeast of Russia. Von’s theory was that Divinium probably spilled out of the hole and contaminated the waters which were spread around the world.

Origins: Reverb

A soundwave exploded from his mouth, quickly breaking the sound barrier and becoming a shockwave. The sound expanded at supersonic speeds destroying everything in its path, metal, wood, cloth, and people were all obliterated like they weren’t there. Logan collapsed to his knees shocked in horror at what he had done. Around him, circle of destruction about half a mile in radius. Thousands dead, because of him.

Origins: Shox

As rehearsed hundreds of times everyone ran to the center of the structure where Aleksander’s dad gave orders to secure the area, shut down the drill, and seek shelter. What was that rocking motion? Waves. Giant waves were hitting the structure and shaking the 300,000 tons that the Mineral Rig weighed. People were trotting to their positions when an alarm started beeping all across the station. People started panicking and running to their designated places. Aleksander and his dad ran to the control room and received a shocking surprise. The tsunami was heading straight at them at a mere 150 kilometers and was picking up speed, currently at around 600 kilometers per hour. The scary part was the size. A massive 400 meter tall wave raced straight at them with no way of stopping. This tsunami would be remembered in history forever.


Hey Jon, I finally got my new phone, still gotta add the contacts to it – 6:48pm   Um, who’s this? – 6:50pm   It’s me danielle – 6:50pm   Oh! Hey, how’s it going?! – 6:50pm   Pretty good, finally finished the final renovations on my house! – 6:50pm   Sweet! I can’t wait…

Origins: Hellius

Damon was dragged to room SC-16, here he would be strapped to a chair, he knew this was the day, he could sense it. The kids had arrived and instantly were taken to experimentation chambers, it had been a whole month of torture for him and he feared for the other kids, what could they be going through? Damon could feel his mind breaking, his body giving up, he could barely function. If this experiment didn’t work – though he doubted he would even live through it – he would be left useless. He was lifted and put on a chair where his arms and legs were strapped. And then he waited.

Origins: Tennum

Ivan walked to his room and waited, he waited hours until his dad arrived, then another hour until his sister arrived, and then another hour to make sure they were all asleep. Ivan walked to the garage, which would usually hold a car but instead there was an old motorcycle and a rusty bike. From the garage he walked to the woods next to his house where next to a tree’s roots lay Ivan’s project. JL-16, his creation. To his parents it would seem like a waste of time, but to Ivan, this was magical.

Origins: Suleos

When Simon woke up he found himself handcuffed in a police car. No, this wasn’t a police car, he knew that. But why was he handcuffed? Eventually he was shoved off the car and he found himself in what he assumed was a military airfield. He was put inside a small jet, the air smelled funny, it smelled like fruits, and… He drifted off.

Origins: Zomborn

Late at night, Bo sat on the front porch watching in tears as Mei and Liu were shoved inside a black van, they would be taken to the newly established laboratories in their neighbor country, Japan, researching the mineral spilling in the Pacific Ocean. The authorities had said that they would be sent to the laboratory because they theorized their powers had emerged from drinking the mineral spillage. But they had never said when they would be returned, and much less if they would ever be seen again.

Origins: Kloza/Nixus

“I’m… I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you!” She waved her hands in the air and sent a beam of pink acid straight at the top of the wall making another smoldering hole. The children screamed in horror as Mei nearly killed them. Another teacher who had heard the screaming ran towards the burnt door and opened it frantically. She ran mortified to a bathroom and locked it, where she sat crying for what she felt were hours.

Divinity Team: Complications

I landed on its roof, I could hear them discussing something about meeting up with the other side. I knew it. They were all facing the opposite direction of where I stood so I made a hole on the roof and slipped in quietly. Lets have some fun. I ripped off one of the passenger chairs and launched it at them with all my strength. Surprisingly, Suleos caught it mid-air. I was turning to get another chair when a fire beam nearly scorched my face.