Part 1


I wake up in class, I rub my eyes and I notice my chin is wet. Dang, I fell asleep again, I wipe my chin and notice I’m on the floor, my head is throbbing I can’t quite focus and that’s when it happened; then I hear the sound, and I see the change. I hear a big sound coming from my left side, I turn around quickly and see that horrifying and awful creature. Bloody face, yellow eyes and with a slouched posture. I quickly scan my surroundings, the class is a mess, desks everywhere and then I realized my chin is not wet from drool but from a sticky red liquid, blood. Blood everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. I see the creature at the window getting closer to me. I stand up and run for the door, but something is blocking it from the other side. I start to panic I search everywhere I can think of until I come across the weapon that saved my ass. It’s a long broken pipe that is hanging from the ceiling I pull it with all my might, and it somehow comes off (I didn’t know I had the strength to do that). I stare at the creature’s wild yellow eyes and charge, I swing left with all my force and I hear a snap. I see the monster fall to the ground with its head twisted at an unnatural angle and go to the window. I am on the second floor of my school, and I don’t want to fall, I know I won’t die, but I’ll likely break my leg if I fall. I climb down as carefully as I can until I reach the floor.

I try to gather myself, who am I? Jack Brown, yes that is me that is my name; what happened? I can remember banging sounds and screaming near the door; the roof shaking, and suddenly a bunch of monsters similar to the one I battle come in the class. People running, the zombies chasing them and biting them. I can’t comprehend how there are zombies now, like a movie turned into reality, only this time I don’t feel secure like the main characters. I’m not sure I’ll have to think about this deeply later. What I do know is that I am still alive miraculously. I don’t know why I lived but it is my job now to stay alive now. And now I’m not simply Jack Brown a high school teenager, I am now Jack Brown the survivor.



Part 2

I am walking down the highway with broken cars and signs all around me when I hear a sound I have not heard in a while. It’s the sound of an engine, a car engine, I turn around and sure enough there is a big truck coming my way. I get to the side of the road and wave my arms like a crazy person. The truck stops and a guy easily my age steps out; he has a gun in hand in fact he has an TAR – 21 that he somehow was able to get because I am very sure that it’s an illegal gun. Finally, he speaks.

“Hey, what your name?”

“Jason Brown, hey, how you get that gun?”

“Oh, aha, I got a lot of em, let’s just say I can sneak up on people when chaos is happening.”

“You sneaked up on a military base?”

“Yes when the first zombies attacked I came in and stole some guns.”

“Wow, that’s a way of getting yourself protected. By the way, what’s your name man?”

“My name? My name is Nathan Lewis.”

“Can I join you in your, whatever you call this ‘ride’ or ‘adventure’?”

“Yeah, sure thing, stuff works better when it’s two of us right?”

“Yeah of course”

I get in the copilot seat in his truck and he drives on. Suddenly I notice my shitty weapon,  a broken down mangled blood covered pipe. And I remember Nathan said he had lots of weapons so I decide to ask him for one.

“Hey Nate you said you got more than one gun?”

“Yeah, I did”

“Can I have one?”

“Most of em got lost when the zombies attacked me and ripped my bag opened the three that survived are this one I’ve got, a very old but useful Remington and an M16 that is broken”

“You broke an M16!?”

“Zombies broke it and I picked it up cause it’s a great gun, but I couldn’t fix it, it’s pretty much useless now, but if you can fix it then you might as well keep it.”

“If I get to keep it later than I might as well try.”

et at it. We are heading towards a lake house you can fix it when we get there.



Part 3

We got to the lake house late at night.  Nate let me choose any part of the home that I liked except the big room which was his. I chose the second largest room in the house and got to work.

The gun is pretty much fixed now I just gotta fix the mag holder and put the handle back on it. It’s not that hard a gun is not very complicated and very useful. I get a hammer from a toolbox I found in the basement and hammer the bent up magazine holder. I try to get the mag in it and it works, nice a good NATO magazine in my gun now I get the handle put it in place and screw it in place.

I go outside raise my gun; I aim for a kayak on the far end of the house and shoot. The kick of the gun is hard, but I get used to it fast. My dad taught me how to shoot bot assault rifles and handguns. I just have never used such thing as an M16. I go back to my room and sleep, sleep like a baby.

I wake up on the bed I at the lake house with my gun right next to me I look out the window and see Nate with his eyes are closed, sitting on a log. He looks incredibly calm so I decide not to bother him. I walk downstairs and go to the kitchen. There are eggs, beans, fruit, veggies all kinds of food. Those eggs will rot i nobody eats them so I make a giant omelet with cheese and ham meanwhile Nate is doing whatever he’s doing out there. When I’m done I get dishes, cups and silverware and set the table.

Nathan comes inside and sees the table; I’m sitting on the head of the table and I smile at him. He asks,

“The heck you did here man? Breakfast, there is a zombie apocalypse and you make egg omelet?”

“There is a zombie apocalypse happening and you decide to go outside and meditate?”

“Good point, ok, ok you’re right. Let’s eat”

“Yep, I’m getting hungry”





Part 4

I can hear something in the distance, it sounds like… oh crap! I think that our luck has finally expired. If what I’m hearing is correct then the zombies… have found us. I run downstairs and look for Nathan. He’s not kitchen, nor in the garage, not in his room, nowhere to be found! I start to panic ( I don’t know why but I panic). After a while of searching EVERYWHERE,  I find Nathan coming our of the woods running. He’s screaming “Get out!” and I do.

“Go to the garage and go to the car.” He tells me.

“And you?”

“Gotta do something.”


“Stay in the car, if I’m not back in 2 minutes the drive off, we can’t stay here.”

The first minute is over, then the next 30 seconds, 15 more, 5 more…

“Open the door!”

I open the door; Nathan comes in. He smells odd, it’s a sweet and very strong smell, like gasoline.

“What did you do?”

“Drive unless you want the zombies to get some burnt bacon.”

I drive out of the garage and then I see it, the smoke coming from my room. It explodes. The  house… gone.

* * * * *

After driving for a while the worst thing that could’ve happened to us happens. The car simply stops. Then the ringing, loud horrible ringing in my ears, but not just in mine, Nathan’s too. He tries the radio not working. We try all sorts of electronics and they’re all fried.

“What the hell!” Nathan shouts, he has to shout since it is just so loud with the ringing in our ears.

“I don’t know!” I shout back.

“Get out!”

We both jump from the car and the ringing keeps ongoing. We run as far as we can until we’re both out of air. The ringing slowly stops, and then I see it, up above I can hear it coming.

“It’s a freaking plane!” Nathan says.

“And I’m sure it’s not to save us.”

As I say it, the plane stalls out of the sky, free falling to the ground at an easy 800 MPH directly to their deaths.

“Oh, shit.” We say collectively.

And then, the explosion, the plane crashing into the forest causing an explosion and very likely a forest fire. We gotta move fast, somewhere, I tug Nathan who seems to be in shock, and we move down the road until we find a small path that leads to where we probably should go. It’s a survivor camp. There are tents everywhere but in the middle is a huge red tent. It’s probably the leader’s tent.

“I’ll go to the red tent, you set up camp somewhere.” I tell Nathan.

He nods and walks away. I go to the tent’s entrance and see someone slugged in a chair with a book in hands. I go inside and knock the floor. He looks up startled and points his gun at me.

“Damn son you scared me! I thought that you were, one of them.”

“Whoa, you scared me even more with that Remington you got there.”

“Yea, it’s my old baby.”

He chuckles.

“Me and my friend are looking for somewhere to stay”

“As long as you’re not zombies, you may stay here”

“Ok, thanks you sir.”

“Ah, no need to call me sir, call me Buck, what’s your name?”

“Jack Brown”

“Alrighty, Jack Brown, go set up camp somewhere.”

And then, his head was ripped off…

I saw his blood paint the ground, paint my shirt, and color everything red. I looked at Nathan and his face is  colorless, then I look back to where Buck was and I find myself staring at a zombie looking at me with murderous eyes and a hungry face. It was, or may I say, she was my mother… so we ran.


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