Soul Eaters

Flashing lights, buzzing sirens, chaos, and death. That was the only way to describe the first hours of the eternal darkness. August 12th 2045. Everyone that tried to flee the country or enter it, would die inevitably. Communication systems failed fast as well and there was no way to know what was happening out of the country. From one day to the other, the United States had gone from a global power, to a dark void. 9 months since that day had passed, and the darkness was here to stay. August 12th didn’t simply bring darkness; it also brought them along… horrific monsters that traumatized the people that saw them. Nobody would live to tell the tale, and the ones that did, could not speak about it, or about anything ever again. Eventually the name for them stuck as “Soul Eaters.” The safest place was the wilderness; the Eaters didn’t seem to attack there nearly as much.




May 23rd 2046.


– Noo! Why?! Why did we leave him alone?! This is unfair!


– He’s gone… an Eater got him…


– No! No, no, it can’t be! We left for 3 minutes…


– There’s nothing we can do…


– This can’t be! There has to be a way t–


– Listen to me!


He shouted in my face.


– Amanda, look at me, I know what it’s like, my–


– NO! You don’t, your camp friends were not family… it’s diff–


– Amanda! Stop it…


I just sat there crying next to his stiff body with a horror struck face.



May 24th 2046


I woke up before sunrise and went for a walk. I simply couldn’t sleep last night, all I could think of was the shrill scream he let out, a scream of pure horror. When we had come back Chris was backed up against a tree shaking terribly. I remember lifting his face; he stared at me and his face went even whiter. He shouted at me and tried to run, but his body froze mid-step, and he just fell on the ground. Today, in the morning, his body was still in that position.


The thing that frightened me the most was that the Eater had been observing us, it waited until either of us was left alone, and he attacked. Even worse, it could still be there waiting for another one of us to separate… oh no, I left Sam alone… the feeling of pure dread washed over me like a giant wave. I ran back to camp, and then I noticed just how far I had walked, by the time I was back at camp the tent had a massive rupture on its side.


I was too late.



May 26th2046


I didn’t dare to write anything more for the rest of the day and yesterday. I was frightened, I couldn’t comprehend how I had lost my only ‘family’ in only 2 days. And it was because I was stupid. I let Chris stay at the tent because he had a cold… I left him to die for a fucking cold… and then I simply went to take a dumb walk without bringing Sam, and now he was dead too. I decided to bury them in the snow next to each other near a tree where I carved their gravestones. Now I needed to be constantly moving, I needed to find another camp with survivors, in this new America, whomever was alone, would die eventually.


Each step I took felt like my last, but there I was, taking another one. I had a general idea of where I was headed thanks to my compass, but I wasn’t totally sure where I was. I was somewhere near Iowa. I wanted to head south to a warmer climate. I already had went a long way, I had been walking since Minnesota, setting camp here and there. My family and I had set out together at first, after 2 months, my mother saw an Eater and barely survived. My dad took care of her in her traumatized state, and eventually an Eater got him too. Chris had seen too much and we couldn’t dare stay. We met Sam and Tom along the way, but an Eater got Tom too. Both Sam and Tom had come from a camp of High School friends all striving to survive, but the entire camp was set ablaze one night and neither Tom or Sam knew why, all they knew was that they were the only survivors. And now, I felt like the last human alive. I barely had enough energy to keep moving but I couldn’t stay behind.


I set up camp in a forest and put myself inside a small cave. At night, I heard steps and growls, but nothing more happened. I was hoping that whatever that had been had missed me. But who knew, maybe it was waiting… Waiting for me to open my eyes.



May 27th 2046


When I woke up, I knew there was something off. My backpack… it was open and the things had spilled out. Another wave of fear crashed into me forcing me into action. I put everything back inside the backpack and went out of my cave. There was nothing outside. Then something brushed my leg… it nudged at my leg. I looked down and saw a dog. What? A dog? Well, it had somehow got here to where I was and was looking at me with wide eyes. I went down to touch him and he simply transformed. His mouth widened to half my height, and inside his mouth there were thousands of teeth. His arms and legs all stretched out to illogical lengths and it grabbed me. Then his mouth lit up like a light bulb, a light so bright I went disoriented. Then he transformed some more; he became a tall man with a smile on his face, my father. But his eyes started bleeding and his mouth and his nose went next. His skin started melting off revealing his muscles, then the muscles dried up and fell off revealing his bones, and his bones turned black and then it stopped. A black skeleton stared at me. The pits of his eyes lit on fire and then everything went black.


Now you my fellow reader, are next on my list…

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