Life.exe Part 2

Great Britain


I wake up like every other day, walk to the kitchen, make myself a coffee, eat a fruit bowl and take a shower. I go wake up my kids but they’re not in their bed or anywhere in the house. Maybe my wife took them to work? She had talked about doing so, but on a Tuesday? I guessed that was just less work for me and more time to get to work. I got on my car and instantly noticed that the streets were absolutely empty. A few cars with nobody in them here and there but empty for the most part.


I got to work and the parking lot was empty, there was nobody inside the building at all either. Was this a dream? No it couldn’t be. But could it? I went back home and turned on the television. Nothing. I turned on the radio. Nothing. What the fuck was going on here?! There was nobody nowhere. I had to be a dream, I swear it had to be.


Ah, my phone! I started calling all my contacts but I would be answered by silence. I assumed this was some sort of strange dream. And a great one at that, I could control everything that happened in this dream. And, it felt so real! And I did what everyone would do in my situation. I drove to the Lamborghini store. Couple hours later, I was zooming by on deserted highways nearly crashing every 5 seconds but getting the hang of it pretty fast. This was awesome.
After hours of fun in my Lamborghini, I did what everyone does with cool things they don’t care for. I bumped it into everything I could see, I wrecked it. My life is so full of rules and limitations, this was so liberating. It would end soon anyways so I better get the most of this dream. I felt so alive, so free, and so joyous, this was the best dream anyone could dream of. After that I went back home, I don’t know what made me go back since I knew that there was nothing there, but I simply went back. On my door was a paper, it read, “Please get out, we will send instructions for your transfer.” What? That was not there before I left… What was that paper saying? I double checked this was my house and it certainly was. I decided to check around for more papers, I looked everywhere I could on my house until I found one on the toilet top. This one read “Stop looking inside of your house, go to the airport.” Part of me thought it was a dream, and a part of me thought this could be really happening. I figured that if it was really happening, I should do what the papers say, and if it was a dream, I could do it as well, what could go wrong? So I went to the airport in a Ferrari.

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