Life.exe Part 3

United States


I woke up at 11 in the morning, my head hurt like never before, I had the worst hangover ever. I vomited multiple times and I fell asleep. My house was a mess, and I only remembered bits and pieces of last night. I was cleaning my house when I noticed that there was nobody in my house. But how? There was no way everyone left my house before I woke up. And my dog, he wasn’t there either. What asshole took my dog?! I tried to think who it could have been but it hurt to think. I fell asleep at around 1 p.m. and woke up the next day.


When I woke up my house was clean and my headache had cleared. What? How did this happen? I went to my bathroom and there was a note on my mirror. It said “You’re welcome, now please follow along and it will all be ok.” Who wrote the note? And what did they mean with “follow along”? I ripped it off my mirror and threw it to the trash. I served myself cereal and there was another note on my cereal box. It read “Don’t throw away the notes, finish your breakfast and go to your garage.” That was creepy, how did they know I threw away the note, and how did anyone write on the cereal box itself? I finished my cereal and took out a coffee mug wich unsurprisingly said “We need you to hurry up, we waited for you the whole day yesterday.” So I put my mug down and walked to my garage. I was expecting to find my Civic, but instead I was surprised by a Ferrari 458 Italia. My favorite car… In my garage. How did they know? The car plate said “Get in” and I did so willingly. I found a paper on the driver’s seat that said “Take this car to the airport, there is a flight there for you” This was the most awesome dream ever. So I drove to the airport, occasionally revving the engine up to 200 mph.

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