Life.exe Part 4


I had fallen asleep in the middle of the day, at first it seemed like everything had frozen and then everything around me went black. When I woke up there was nobody else in the entire building, everyone was gone. I looked outside and there were some cars without anyone in them. I got my phone and called my co-worker friend, but he didn’t answer. I walked outside and got in my car, I supposed I could leave since there was absolutely nobody in the entire 4 story building. The streets were full of cars without anyone in them, and there was no noise in the street. It felt like a sound void, we were so used to the noise of cars, people, and everything around us, it now just sounded empty. I got home and there was a paper on my door. At first I thought it was an eviction notice, I had partied quite a lot, and a couple days ago I had made a huge party, but it surprisingly it wasn’t that, instead, it was something way stranger. The paper simply read, “We need you to follow what we say, as you may have noticed there is nobody anywhere, the only way to go back is to do as we way.” What? No, there was no way that the people that wrote the paper were responsible for everybody disappearing. Were they watching me? Most likely. I turned around and looked for cameras everywhere but couldn’t see a single one. Was this the government, a terrorist organization, who were these people?


I tried to ignore the note on my door and the fact that there was nobody else in the world, but I found myself unable to stop thinking about that. I went to the kitchen to make myself coffee and there was another note on my fridge, this one read, “There is a vehicle waiting for you in your garage, please head towards it.” I forgot about my coffee and went to the garage, I thought this was some sort of joke from my coworkers, somehow they simply organized a prank on me, but when I got to the garage, the thought of a joke vanished. There was a RAM 1500 in my garage…


The truck had a gps with a pre programmed route, it led to the airport. I decided it was best if I followed the route, and about 30 minutes later I was at the airport. The idea of this being a prank was gone completely when the roads were empty and the airport was empty as well. I was guided by papers and signs that eventually led me to a gate with a Honda Pilatus. Now I was expecting to be woken up by my boss screaming at me for sleeping at work, but I figured I should use this dream wisely, this was such a great dream, I was sure I’d never have it again. So I got in the plane and then I noticed that there was nobody to drive me. I went to the cockpit to make sure but I unsurprisingly found a paper telling me that I didn’t need to worry and to sit down. So I complied. Not much later I was in the air.

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