Life.exe Part 5

Command Center


It seemed like the 3 people stuck inside the simulation were all complying. We had learned lots about them too, the first person we woke up had noticed that he was in a personless world and had gone directly to the supercars. We then researched the past of the other 2 people and gave them their dream cars. One of them, loved planes, so we gave him his favorite plane. It was like working with lab rats, we learned from them slowly but it made the process easier each time. We were trying to get all of them to where our headquarters were situated outside of the simulation. We sent all of them, to Nevada, to the infamous, Area 51. It was pretty funny how everyone inside the simulation speculated about the aliens and about supernatural things inside. Inside the simulation, it really looked like a regular research center without anything extraordinary. Outside of the simulation on the other hand, it was a totally different story. Area 51 was divided in sub-sectors, we were the Simulation Center, next to us was the Nuclear Research Center, currently researching how to make uranium power cores that would charge and power technology without problems. We also had an Alien Research Center but it was not anything like the simulation humans thought it was. The ARC focused on sending messages to possibly alien inhabited planets. They recently had launched a rocket aiming to a possibly inhabited planet around 40 light years away. The rocket was holding a satellite capable of  going at about 60% of lightspeed. In about 25 years we will be looking at the planet up close. There were so many awesome projects going on inside here. I found it hard to imagine what we would be doing in 50 years. Sorry, I got carried away.


We called the humans inside the simulation, Homo-Proso. Or Prosos for short. Since we could control anything in the simulation (except for the Prosos) we managed to get all of the Prosos to Nevada at the same time. The idea was for them to meet each other at the airport at once. To make it even easier, we parked the planes next to each other. The reaction of the Prosos was hilarious. Now we had to get them all to Area 51.

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