Life.exe Part 6



After I landed in the airport I instantly noticed 2 other airplanes next to my plane. The door to my plane was closed for about 2 minutes and it opened suddenly. What happened next was shocking.


I came out of the plane and there were 2 heading towards my gate. We saw each other and stopped in our tracks. We stood there for around a minute not knowing what to say until the guy to my right said, “Aye mates, so I’m not alone eh, I was expecting some hot chicks to be left alone with me on a desert planet, turned out to be this.” We all laughed, a bit of humor was becoming necessary. We talked about our stories and what was going on, and we were certain of something, there were beings leading us this very second, and we better follow what they say.


We decided to get walking and we instantly noticed that our monitor was showing big bold letters telling us to walk to the car rentals. Apparently everyone had gone to their airports in some sort of dream car. We were all excited about what we were going to see in the parking lot and were not disappointed.

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