Robbed at Dawn

It was dawn when I woke up. I couldn’t believe I had slept that long. I looked around and I instantly notice something different. I don’t know what it is, my tent just feels odd. I scan my tent and notice what’s wrong. I had left my pen on top of my notebook, and now the pen was next to it. Someone had entered my tent… I had to find out who entered and what they had done inside my tent. I opened my notebook and I found out the last page had been ripped very carefully, I could see the little bits of paper left by the ripped page. Then noticed something else, my backpack was facing about 90 degrees from the direction of where I had left it. I opened it and checked my inventory list. 4 water bottles, there were 3. 11 granola bars, there were 9. My CZ P-10 pistol, missing… My pocket knife, missing too… I walk outside and reach under my tent and find my Beretta APX right where I left it. Check the bullets in the magazine, 3 left. Whomever had gone in my tent had taken the bullets from my backpack as well, so I had 3 bullets, and I had to use them wisely. I found out I still had my broken flip knife, although it wouldn’t really help much since I couldn’t open it. I walked out of my tent and walked around the camp checking the traps and trying to think of possible culprits. When I walked back to camp it was about 7 in the morning. I rang the wakeup bell and gathered everyone in the center of the camp.


“Someone has been snooping around my tent. I won’t ask twice, whomever did it step up and hand me my things back.”


Obviously nobody responded but I got enough information to narrow my suspect’s down to 3. I was thankful people were so easy to read.


“Thank you, that’s all I needed.”


I walked back and wrote down my observations from the crowd.

John instantly looked to the floor but then he looked at me with a straight face.


Becky fiddled with her fingers and looked around but she isn’t capable of stealing anything much less holding a weapon.


Aaron was looking worried until I said what the problem was, maybe he did something else (look into it later).


Jason was looking suspicious all the time. When I asked for someone to step up he opened his mouth and closed it quickly.


William was looking at the floor all of the time. He was shaking his leg as well.


Amanda didn’t find a place to put her arms, she went back and forth with them.


The rest seemed fine just looked confused.


My most suspicious options were Jason, William, and Amanda. Throughout the day I followed them.

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