Divinity Team: Trapped Inside

Trapped Inside

Divinity Team HQ




Hellios’ scream still echoes in my head. I’ve been recovering from my injuries for 2 weeks now. It was all my fault, I should’ve been more alert. I nearly ended my life and ended Hellios’. He had turned, and we had only 1 option. Terminate him. I couldn’t believe the mission had gone so wrongly. The truth is that without Hellios, we wouldn’t have been able to defeat Blazerk. But at that cost, I think to myself if it was worth it. The team had to lock Suleos in a cage until they knew what to do with him. Viridi and I are both recuperating, although Viridi is in way better shape than I am. I’m restless but I can’t rest, I’m hungry but I can’t eat, I’m sad but I can’t cry. I’m in shock, and I can’t get out.




They locked me in a cage, and as much as I understand them, I’m so angry. I’m trapped in my body, and I can’t control it. I can only think and see, but I can’t do anything. When my body sleeps, I don’t. I’m awake all of the time, it’s been 2 weeks. I can’t believe that Hellios turned, all these years he resisted and now he had turned. I guess he truly loved Nixus. I couldn’t believe that they had kept their relationship so secret for so long.


Zomborn opened the door to the room where my cage was and said,


“Hey Suleos.”


I heard my body growl at him, fuck why can’t my body behave.


“Suleos, I don’t know if you can hear me… But know that we don’t know what to do. The best chance is to get Viridi to help you but he’s still in rehab. I can’t understand you, and I can’t help you. But I will try to talk to you in case your consciousness self gets bored. Gee, you may not even be understanding me right now, but I will sure try.”


Thank you friend… This is far greater help than you can imagine. I wanted to tell him how thankful I was but my body only growled and hit the iron bars.


“Remember 3 years ago when we fought Nekkra? You totally carried us through…


He spent what felt like hours talking to me until my body fell asleep and he left. I wanted to tell him I was still awake but I couldn’t. So I spent the next day waiting for him to come back.




I wish I could read Suleos’ mind but I couldn’t. It felt somewhat wrong to keep him there. I was sure his mind was still there, just not visible. Man, this mission had absolutely sucked. Maybe if Kloza had been with us it would’ve been better. No. I must not think of her, we swore to leave it behind. Our best member, our worst fear. I must stop thinking of him. I decided to visit Suleos for the second day in a row, I am determined to make this part of my daily routine. Just in case this is helping him. And if not, at least it makes me feel better.


When I went into the room Suleos was sleeping. Or at least his body was.


“Suleos, wake up.”


Silence… I wondered if he would wake up, I hoped he would so I just started talking. Still silence. I walked up to the cage and kneeled beside him. His body sprung up and roared at me. He hit the iron bars with his fist and roared again.


“Holy shit man, nice yawn.”


He growled. I smiled, satisfied.


“I know you’re in there.”


He stared at me blankly with no answer.


“Suleos, if you’re still conscious inside there, try to show yourself. Please, just… Try.”


For a flash instant his eyes fixated on me and looked somewhat understanding. But then he growled again and hit the bars of the cage. Had I imagined it? I didn’t know, but I sat down and started talking.




I spent the previous week fixing my mech suit from the damage it had taken but I couldn’t stop thinking about Hellios’ face when he turned. It was as if his soul had disappeared, and replaced with the devil. Add to that what happened to Suleos and you’ve got yourself what I’d consider a mission failure. Yes, we killed the VIP, but we caused another way more powerful entity to rise. Our friend was now caged and behaving like an animal and we had no clue how to get him out of that state.


Suddenly I found myself thinking about Kloza. No… I shouldn’t think about her. We had sworn to ignore what had happened. I still remember the anger in their faces when… No, I should stop. These memories do no good to anyone, but at the same time it felt wrong to hide those memories. We shouldn’t have done what we did then. I stood up and opened a drawer full of my things. There was a photo of the entire Divinity Team before… That day.


To the far right was Viridi holding his bow with his left hand. Left of him was Suleos smiling wide. Suleos was bro hugging Zomborn that was on his right. Next to Zomborn were Hellius and Nixus. I rarely saw Hellius smile, but when he was with Nixus he might have been the happiest man in the world. Next to them was Tennum fake choking Shox, both laughing hysterically. Next to them stood Kloza jokingly aiming her claw weapon at me while I acted as if I was scared of her. I still remembered that very day we took the picture. I felt a tear trickle down my face, put the picture back and locked the drawer.




I felt as if my ice had melted. We had done it all wrong and if Hellius did anything now, it would be our fault. We were potentially looking at a loss of 3 members of the team. It started that day with… Argh no! That had to happen, it was our only choice. I found myself in the kitchen, I had frozen half of it. Oops. I wondered how Nixus and Viridi were doing. Last time I checked on them they were recuperating but they still had a long way to go until they could fight again. Viridi was in better shape than Nixus though, and I was worried that Nixus may never get better, she was in a depression and had not ingested anything more than water. She looked weak and sad, add tho that the fact that she had broken nearly every bone in her body and punctured a lung. I really hoped our technology would heal her but who knew.


I felt a chill pass through my spine. How ironic. I was actually worried about the future. If Nixus and Viridi both got well, the team would be a 6 member team because Suleos would likely stay in that state. Fuck why did we let this happen. If Nixus and/or Viridi didn’t get well, it would be a 4 or 5 member team. We couldn’t let that happen. I went to the infirmary to check on them. I found Nixus eating.




I was shocked at how we had performed, but even more at what Hellios had turned into. When Nixus was crushed under Blazerk’s fist I tapped into Hellios’ mind. I could feel his other side break free. I felt his instant anger, pure rage built up inside of him instantly. I felt the heartbreak and the sadness when he thought Nixus was dead. I could feel his confusion. And in an instant all those emotions mixed into one. And he turned. It was so powerful that it drove me to the ground. I tapped out of his mind and to this day, two weeks later I still feel the headache.


Not only that but I kept having nightmares about what went on inside Hellios’ mind. Each time I slept I would have some sort of nightmare about this. I wondered what the others thought. And then an idea hit me. I hadn’t thought about this before, but it may be a way to help Suleos. I had noticed that Zomborn was had gone inside Suleos’ room for six days in a row now, and today he would go in as well. He always went in at around 10:30, before he went to bed. I checked the time, it was 10:21. I went to look for Zomborn, I needed him to take me into Suleos’ room. After around three minutes, I found Zomborn heading toward the room.


“Hey, Zom, I need you to let me go inside with you.” I asked.


“Uh, not sure how he will take that, you know… He’s–”


“An animal, yes, I know. But I have an idea.”




“I can try to read his mind, and maybe, I could be a translator for you.”


“That could work, I just hope that he isn’t altered.”


We walked into the room, it was cold, maybe ten degrees. Suleos growled and hit the cage repeatedly. I tapped in his mind.


“Yes! Shox! You’re here! You can hear me right?”


“Yes! I can hear you Suleos! My god, how didn’t I think of this before?!”


“I’m very glad this worked. Now Shox I can’t know what he’s saying of course, you mind saying it out loud?”


“I can indeed.”


“I’m so glad you came, I can’t get out, tell Zomborn I’m super thankful for him coming in to talk with me. It feels as if I have more control.”


“He says how thankful he is you’re helping him, it makes him feel as if he has more control.”


I saw Zomborn’s eyes water a bit.


“I can’t show myself, I try but it’s so hard. My mind has not rested for weeks, I can’t sleep, my body does, but not me.”


“He says that his body sleeps but his mind can’t, he’s exhausted.”


Zomborn opened his mouth to speak but Suleos’ body sprung up and hit the bars with amazing strength. We both stared. His body was shaking rapidly, and he looked enraged. Uh oh. He hit the iron bars repeatedly, and started bending them. He was trying to get out.


“Zomborn! Talk to him!”


“Talk to him? Is he even in there anymore?”


I couldn’t hear anything from his mind, was he gone?


“No… There’s no way he’s gone.” I said.


“Shox, we must leave, call Tennum to freeze him.”


I was walking towards the door when I heard the iron bars screech. I turn around and I see Suleos staring at me enraged. He jumps at me and hits me in my back. I can’t move.


“Zomborn! Get help!”


Suleos pounds at my chest and hits me repeatedly, but I can’t move him. I hear a sonic boom and see Suleos flying across the room. He drags me out of the room while Suleos is down, and closes the door. He closed himself in, to fight his best friend.

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