Divinity Team: The Blazing Giant

Part 1:


The Blazing Giant

Yukon Canada


“There is nothing you can do now. I will destroy each and every one of you.”




We were defeated, Blazerk was too powerful for us. Without Kloza we were nothing. The entire Divinity Team was down, and Blazerk was barely even tired. We had to use our last bit of energy to defeat him. And even then we would merely weaken him. But better to die trying than on the floor.


I stood up and looked around. The rest of the team was standing up with me and looked straight at Blazerk. Blazerk was truly intimidating, a 20 foot tall giant made of rock completely engulfed in flames. His eyes were black pits that could see right in your soul. He wasn’t any fire villain, he was virtually immortal. I look at my hands and chest, glowing bright green. I summon my blades, green blades of energy form under my fists. I summon my armour, my body is now covered in a green energy armour. I empty my mind. Suddenly the world turns a shade of green. Every living organism glows white, its my force vision. I have entered Lockdown mode. I know that once I enter Lockdown, I can’t escape it. Last time I entered it I had to be killed to be brought back. And even then, I wasn’t guaranteed I’d be able to come back. But this was the only chance we had. I couldn’t chose to do anything, or say anything, I could only see, hear, and think. I saw my entire team stare at me in wide amazement. Blazerk just looked at me. And then he laughed.




When I saw Suleos go into Lockdown I knew it was time to give it our last drop of sweat. Lockdown had only happened once and Suleos barely escaped it. It was basically a comma where Suleos stayed awake. But he was unable to communicate, or do anything more than follow pure instinct. It was like he would turn into an animal forever. Last time he went Lockdown, we had to kill him and bring him back. His powers came from ancient magic and the only remaining books about his powers were in a language only I could half read. There was a way to control the Lockdown but the pages were missing, the only other solution I could find was to kill Suleos. And for a moment when he came back, he was still in Lockdown. Would he be able to escape this time?


Blazerk’s laugh rumbled the ground. Man he was scary, but we had no choice. I feel my body lift itself from the floor, I feel my headache clear itself, and I draw my bow. I fire my first arrow, cause an explosion in Blazerk’s neck. A bit of lava flows from the arrow shot and it quickly seals. He regenerates so fast, how do we kill him? He turns and stares at me, and suddenly a torrent of fire races my way. I dodge it easily but it sends me towards Blazerk. He uses this as an opportunity and grabs me by the chest. I feel his grip tighten, I see blinding green light explode in front of me. Suleos is battling Blazerk while he grabs me. I feel my vision go black. And then silence.




We were looking bad, but now we’re looking worse. Suleos had to use Lockdown, and Viridi was as much as dead. Blazerk threw Viridi’s body on the floor, it landed with a loud crack. That truly enraged me. I felt my hands go cold, my body was filled with stalagmites and stalactites. I felt the floor under me freeze, I took 3 steps and froze the floor under me. Blazerk looked at me and laughed again. Causing another mini earthquake. “Ice versus fire? Come at me cold boy.” I’m not just a cold boy, I am so cold, I could freeze the Earth’s core.


I aimed my hands at him and shot a beam of ice straight at his chest. His entire chest went frozen solid and he simply stared in shock. I grinned and shot at him again and again, after about 5 shots he was completely frozen. I knew that wasn’t enough, not even merely, but it was enough time to pick up Viridi’s body. I was placing him down inside our ship when I heard a thunderous crack. The ice had broken.




The ice broke with a thunderous roar and Blazerk’s roar afterwards was twice as loud. The Divinity Team grouped up, except for Suleos, he was still hitting Blazerk with his swords. I readied my mech suit. It was pretty busted but it still had some fight to put up. Tennum came back, he had taken Viridi’s body to the ship and came back looking as enraged as ever. Shox stood to my right, arms covered with electricity, his eyes glowing with lightning. Zomborn was standing to my left, his entire body was shaking rapidly, he looked ready to speed towards Blazerk at lightspeed. Next to Zomborn hovered Nixus, the only female in the team. Her entire body was ablaze with a white flame, the ground under her looked soft, she was melting it. Right in front of me was Hellius. His cloak glowed purple, I could see the tips of his fingers slipping out of the cloak, they were also glowing a deep purple. He would be considered a god if he let loose, but he knew the risk. If he ever went all out, he would be corrupted. And all out Hellius was truly unstoppable.


“We need to fight together, don’t hold back at all. Well, except Hellius.” I said.


“Yes, if we all let loose and go all out may be the only chance we have at this.” Tennum responded.


“Divinity Team, lets kick ass.” Said Zomborn. Then he zoomed to Blazerk and hit him at a speed past lightspeed.




The world seemed to stop, only it didn’t. It was simply going at a speed so slow, it was seemingly unmoving. My teammates asked me multiple times if it felt any different, and the answer was always no. For me, it felt like running normally, my steps were the same and my speed felt the same. But the world was so slow, I looked super fast. Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually going that fast or if I’m just slowing time for everyone that isn’t me. But I’ll never really know.


I hit Blazerk with all of my force. I felt the stone his body was made of give in under my strength. And I kept going in. Eventually I came out of his back, I had made a hole through him, and he didn’t even flinch. Lava flowed from the hole and it sealed itself back in a matter of seconds. Another ice beam hit him in the hand and Suleos came in and cut off his entire hand. When it fell to the ground it melted to lava. Blazerk’s arm bled and stopped bleeding quickly but something amazing happened. His hand didn’t regrow, the wound just sealed itself. That was the key, the only way we could defeat Blazerk, was cutting him up.




Blazerk could heal himself but he couldn’t regrow limbs. Why didn’t we try that before? I looked at the sky, a clear night full of stars. Let’s change that. I close my eyes and I instantly feel the weather get colder. I open my eyes and stare at the sky again, the stars are gone, and it’s now snowing. I focus harder and a swirl starts to form up in the air. The little swirl quickly becomes a tornado and I walk inside it. I scream and I feel a little shock in my spine. I look at myself and I’m covered in lightning. I raise my hands and shoot lighting into the tornado. The tornado becomes electrified and I feel myself start floating. Suddenly I see flashes of orange light around the tornado. And it’s ablaze. Thank you Nixus. I thought.


I couldn’t really see through my tornado but I could see flashes of light through it. I had a good idea of where everyone was at. I headed to the big glowing blob of red light and raced to it. Let’s get shockin’.




A giant electrified firenado raced towards Blazerk. Shox’s tornados were not like any tornado. It didn’t pull, but they hit hard. When his tornado became electrified, it was basically a non-stop 1 billion volt taser hitting you all around your body. Add some fire to the mix and you’ve got yourself a death tornado. Or just a really annoying distraction if you’re a nearly immortal fire giant. Blazerk stumbled and struggled against the tornado, he couldn’t reach Shox and couldn’t stop the tornado. I flew towards Blazerk’s head and shot a massive fire beam. One would question how fire would damage a fire giant, but I could see his face melt. He kept regenerating but I was obviously annoying him. Tennum kept freezing him while Suleos kept slashing. Melluni was flying in his mech shooting at him with missiles and lasers, Hellios was ripping him appart, he was ripping off parts of him and creating a massive ball of rock. Finally, Zomborn kept hitting him at ridiculous speeds. Blazerk was growing tired. He was going down.




Hold back, hold back, hold back. Don’t slip in. I keep trying so hard to not to give in to my powers, but it’s hard. Its like if I had another side to who I was, it felt like that side was pulling me out of conscience so it could come out. I wish I was like the others, I wish I had limits, but I didn’t have them. Blazerk was getting weaker as we kept fighting, but he was getting increasingly angry. Suddenly Nixus flies directly towards Blazerk and sends 2 beams of white fire straight at his chest. Blazerk swings at her and she’s half a second too late to respond. Blazerk has her in his grip.


“NOOOO!” I scream.


Blazerk laughs at me and smirks. Then he slams his fist to the ground.


I raise both hands and crush him under my magic. I grab what’s left of his body and fly into orbit with it. I throw it back down as hard as I can. I fall back down creating an even bigger crater. I feel myself grow dizzy, my cloak fall to the ground, my body combust into the purple flames I dreaded all my life. And my vision turns black.

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