Alter Reality

Chloe stood at the edge of the cliff, looking down. She stared at the flowing river, calmly flowing over the rocks. But she wasn’t calm, she had just killed a man. A man that had loved her, but had been taken by the Nekro virus. She had been left with no choice, this troubled her, why hadn’t she been affected by the virus, everyone else she had know, was now dead. Daniel was the last one remaining, and now he was gone too. She dragged Daniel’s body to the edge of the cliff and pushed it off.


“Goodbye friend.” She whispered.


A tear trickled down her face. She packed up her things and walked for hours until she couldn’t give a single step more. She set up camp and tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. The stare on David’s face when he completely turned was ingrained in her mind. She noticed she was shaking so she stood up, and collapsed back down. She heard a bark in the darkness and leaves ruffling. She hugged herself and slept like a ball.


She woke up to a scratching on the tent. She opened the tent’s zipper about 3 inches. A hairy tail stuck out of the side of her tent. The scratching stopped. A German Shepherd came walking and stood in front of the tent. A burnt blue collar was around the dog’s neck. Chloe gasped.


“Benji?! Oh my god, you’re alive…”


She opened the tent entirely and the dog leaped on her chest licking her face. His fur still smelled like smoke. She remembered that night so vividly. When her sister turned she had been helping her mom with cooking lunch. Her mom was the first victim, she went on a ravage spree destroying things and screaming. The oil on the frying pan had caught fire and shortly after the entire house was on fire. Her little brother had been upstairs crying, when Chloe had tried to go to save her brother but a beam collapsed and she couldn’t go under it. Benji had gone inside and broke open the burnt door. There was no way to know what happened next, because the roof collapsed in front of her. She had run out of the house with her dad. She had been sure Benji had died in that heroic moment. But here he was. But not her brother. Chloe noticed she was crying and heard her dog whine. She cried even more.


She had fallen asleep again, and felt very hungry, but there was no food, she had forgotten to set the traps. She walked outside the tent and smelled food. What how? It smelled like… eggs, and cheese, and oh bacon! But how? She followed the smell along the frozen forest. It didn’t take long, a campfire was set and a wooden table full of food was there, waiting. But nobody there. She didn’t notice when she started eating but she was eating from that beautiful banquet. Someone tapped her shoulder. When she turned around it was her mom. She gasped.


“Honey, don’t be scared. It’s us.” Her mother said.


She turned around again and all her loved ones were sitting down on the wooden table.


“But how?! You… You d-died.” Chloe said quietly.


“We did, but we’re here now with you, and we will be here forever.” This was Daniel, the sound of his voice nearly made Chloe jumped out of her skin. They all sat down at the table, so she followed, scared to do otherwise. She had no idea what was going on. After she finished eating she gained the courage to ask,


“Wh-Where am I?”


“What do you mean honey, you’re in the afterlife.” Her mom said.


“Now you will be with us forever Chloe, we won’t ever leave you.”

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