Divinity Team: Trapped Inside



I heard ruckus coming near Suelos’ room. Shortly after I head Shox screaming, “Viridi! Come! He’s out of control!” I ran down the stairs ignoring my pain and found Shox out of breath next to Suleos’ door.


“What the hell happened?”


“We were talking to Suleos, trying to get him back and he is out of control.”


“We? Who else?”


“Zomborn, he’s in there fighting Suleos.”


“Oh no…”


I heard a thunderous crack and the door rattled. I had to go in. When I opened the door, Suleos was hanging from a massive crater on the wall. Zomborn looked ashamed at what he had done, but what else could he have done. I flew over at Suleos, his body had been knocked out. From what I understood, he was still able to think but was unable to show himself. Shox came into the room along with Tennum and Melluni.


“Suleos, are you there?” Asked Tennum.


Suleos sprang up and lunged a hit at Tennum. Tennum shot an ice beam at his feet and froze him in place. Suleos summoned his swords and slashed the ice. He jumped at Zomborn and I just saw Suleos fly across the room again. This time I heard a loud crunch when Zomborn hit him. There were now 2 craters in the same wall.


“Get hold of him!” Screamed Melluni.


We all raced to Suleos and pinned him down. Tennum froze him to the floor inside his cage and Zomborn straightened the iron bars of the cage. This would hold him for now, but we needed to contain him better.

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