Divinity Team: Interlude


Xeph Laboratories – 7 Months Ago


I wake up strapped to a bed. A machine next to me is beeping with my heart rate. Where am I? I have a tremendous headache, what had happened? Last thing I could remember was waking up to a sharp pain in my chest with blood all around me. My regeneration power had failed me, and then I simply blacked out. Now here I was, no pain anywhere, in fact I couldn’t feel anything at all. I was numb all around.

“Bweh am ah?” I babbled.


No answer. Great. Suddenly my bed starts moving, I go through many doors and hallways and eventually enter a dark room where my bed is stopped. I see masked men stand next to me. One of them gets a black marker and draws a line around my shoulder. That’s when I notice I’m completely naked. Shame rises all around me and I try to cover myself but I’m strapped to the bed. Of course.


“Leh mmm gho” I babble.


I simply hear the men laugh at me. One of them hands the man with the marker a saw. He turns it on and moves it towards my arm. Panic rises immediately and I start kicking and trying to free myself of the bed. I can’t move of course. I feel a drop fall on my cheek. It’s my own blood. I grit my teeth and close my eyes, hoping to awaken from this nightmare. I open my eyes and see the men passing around an arm. A metallic arm. It looked to be made out of carbon fiber and some other metals. The arm was mostly black, with the elbow and shoulder being golden. The man connects the arm to my severed shoulder. I hear things clicking into place, moving and snapping. They strap my new arm to the bed again and move me back to the room where I was originally. They didn’t even clean the blood that was now covering most of my chest and face. I stare at my new arm and find out I can move it’s fingers. Impressive. The air starts smelling funny, and my headache intensifies. I pass out shortly after.

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