Divinity Team: Darkness Returns

Darkness Returns

Sennar Sudan




Our mission objective was a small thief compared to our group missions. He had the power of telekinesis, it looked surprisingly similar to the abilities that Hellius possessed. It had taken me a few weeks to recuperate but I was finally free to run these small missions. I am currently running a mission with Tennum, fire and ice, ready to kick ass. The man we were hunting down didn’t seem to have any record at all, we couldn’t see his face in security footage, or any government records or any criminal records anywhere in the world of him.


When we got to the scene it was worse than we thought. By the time we got there the building under attack was floating in the air. The building was broken in large pieces but I could still recognize that the building had been a small hotel around 2 stories high. The sight was horrifying, there were people flying around smashing into sections of walls, beds, floors. Right at the center of the chaos, stood a cloaked entity glowing in purple. My body went cold. Both Tennum and I stopped and stared in awe. That wasn’t some other entity with similar powers to Hellius… That was Hellius. He was looking straight at me, and I heard him chuckle. I jumped and flew into the air, I needed to save the people inside the floating wreckage. I saw Tennum launching ice beams at Hellius but they all seemed to melt when they got close to him. I had just put the first 4 people out of the wreckage when a massive wall piece fell on them, right in front of my eyes. Hellius laughed loudly and started spinning the wreckage even faster. I had to be faster, I went back and picked up another group, dodging furniture and walls. I had managed to get around 20 people to safety but the cyclone was too fast for me to go in anymore. I didn’t even know if someone was alive in it yet. We should’ve brought the entire team, if only we had known.


I charged my fire beam and shot it at Hellius’ face. This made him dodge the beam and send the entire cyclone flying away, landing with a thunderous crack. I jumped in the air and shot 2 white fire beams at Hellius, Tennum caught my lead and sent an ice wave at Hellios. The fire beams distracted him and the ice wave hit him. Frost grew over him but he didn’t freeze. Even I had frozen to Tennum’s ice wave before… How did he resist it? I shot 2 more fire beams next to him to distract and Tennum sent another ice wave, this time I saw Hellios stop in place. I launched a massive fireball at Hellios, a fireball that should have made a hole through him, but it simply crashed into him and burned his cloak.


“MY CLOAK?!” He shouted.


He jumped into the air and grabbed me telekinetically. I struggled to move but I couldn’t, I was frozen in the air.




As soon as Hellius got hold of Nixus I knew we needed to leave. Staying was risking both of our lives, and ultimately, it would weaken the team, making it easier for Hellius to destroy us. I wanted to send out a flare so badly, but that would risk the entire team, at the same time, I couldn’t fight Hellius with Nixus, much less alone. He was too powerful, how could I possibly slow him down. I sent attack after attack to Hellius but only his coat frosted. Eventually he got angry and grabbed me too.


“You… Why did you do that…” Hellius roared.


“Do what? What are you talking about? Come on Hellius, come back to us!” Nixus pleaded.


“I will not go back to you. Not after what you did…”


Hellius was enraged, and I knew exactly what he was talking about, but we had no choice… There was no other way.


“Hellius, you know there was no other way!” I was growing worried, he could kill us then and there.


“You had a choice, you can’t tell me your only choice was MURDER!” He shouted.


He was right, but… That was so long ago. And just like that we dropped to the ground and Hellius dissappeared.


“Nix, I’m worried to stay, we should go.” I pleaded.


“But what if he comes back?”


“Do you think we can control him? We need the entire team to attempt it, and I don’t even know if we can achieve that.”


“But we can’t just leave…”


“We must make some sacrifices, we can be risking the entire team, and if he wipes us out, nobody will be able to stop him.”
We ran back to our landing craft praying that Hellius would not return. As we flew above we went past where Hellius had been. In that same spot was was a message written in purple fire, it said You cast her out.

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