Divinity Team: Darkness Returns



So we started a shitstorm. That’s the best way to put it, and we needed to fix it fast. We must get hold of Kloza as soon as we can. I heard Viridi was working on invisibility suits for all of us, we were to find where Kloza was and maybe even find Hellius. I fear that Hellius may have found Kloza. I need some fresh air, I head to the ship hangars and enter the Sciontar. It has thin sharp wings. The front has a heavy caliber explosive machine gun with a small missile launcher. It’s a stealth ship, not a heavy assault one. I took off, where do I go? I set course for the cold north, I’m heading to the mountains in Greenland, I turned on autopilot and got out my sketchbook. Nobody really knew of my sketches, and I didn’t want them to either. My sketches were private, a secret part of me that I wanted to keep as mine only. The only one who had known of my sketchbook had been Hellius.


I remember the day that I showed him my sketches. It had been a calm day, we had talked for hours on end. He shared with me the challenges he was facing mentally, how hard it was for him. I had talked with him so much before but he hadn’t ever shared with me or anyone else how he felt. That night I had more nightmares, so I went to the kitchen and sat on a stool with my sketchbook. I sketched out my nightmare, it helped me calm down. I heard steps behind me and Hellius sat down on a stool next to me, and I didn’t feel a need to hide my book, I simply kept drawing, even more at peace. I felt reassured with him. When I finished my sketch, I closed my book and laid it there. He slid it over to him and flipped through the pages. It felt like sharing something intimate with him, and he liked my work.


“This is amazing Nix.”


I blushed. He kept looking at my drawings, and came across one of his face. In the drawing he was looking down, his black hair hanging down, his expression one of determination. It was one of my favorite drawings. He took my hand and faced me again.


“Nix, thank you for being there for me and helping me with everything.” He nearly teared up. I scooted closer to him.


“What were you doing here this late?” He asked.


“Nightmares, I haven’t been able to sleep this whole week. It’s been the same nightmare…”


“The twins…”


“Yes! Wait, you too?”


“This is why I’m here too.”


Then he just kissed me. An explosion of passion and love blew up inside me. My fears and worries all melted away. I felt free with him, at peace, and supported.


That was 2 weeks before our fight with Blazerk. The day I lost him, and our lives started to crumble. The team now was strained, and tired. It was all a mess, and it may have all started on January 16th, the day we killed Kloza. That day, started the snowball, Blazerk attacked and we nearly lost because we were missing a key pillar in our team. It likely played out in the reason why Hellius left. And now we were helpless, to defend the world from a corrupted God and from a destructive war machine.

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