Divinity Team (end of part 3)



When I heard about Kloza’s attack on Tokyo I was shocked. I couldn’t believe she was still alive, and even worse, angry. She was dangerous, and stubborn, how the heck will we even stop her? Killing her… Not again. I think I can speak for the entire team that killing her would never happen again. So now what? We could set a lure and capture her but what would we do after? Based on Zomborn’s descriptions of her, she had gotten much stronger thanks to her prosthetics, a cage or a holding room would not hold her. How did she leave the laboratories? I find it hard to believe she was just let out.


I got back into fixing my mech, I had needed to replace most of the electrics as they had been fried with the fight with Blazerk. Working and tinkering with mechanical things was a way of meditation for me. The world’s problems disappeared and I could just think.


How much time went by? Some hours? I didn’t check the time before I started working, but at 4:19 PM another alarm went off. Not even a week went by and there was another attack large enough to set out alarms. I ran to the meeting room and found nobody there. What? I checked the rest of the headquarters and it was empty, even Suleos’ room was empty. The alarm kept going off. I checked the computers for the location of the attack, the red dot was right on top of our headquarters. But who set the call for the alarm to go off? There was nobody here, and the dot covered the entire site. I went out of the main building and ran to the hangars. Just as I was reaching the hangars the one in front of me exploded in a spectacular purple fireball. The blast sent me flying backwards, my ears ringing and my vision darkening. I stood back up dizzily and spun around to find a cloaked figure standing where the hangar had been. I couldn’t fight against Hellius without my suit, and even with it, what could I really do? I ran back to the main building and got into my suit. It was mostly functional, the flight system was broken and the automatic targeting system worked only half the time. It should be good enough.


I ran the mech outside and launched a single missile at Hellius’ feet. This forced him to levitate giving me time to engage all my systems. I needed to reach a ship and get out of here. Then I’d figure out the rest. I was reaching another hangar and it blew up the same way the first one had, another Hellius flew above me. How the hell? There was one hangar left, and when I got there it was empty. Had the team left me? No way.


“Oh so funny.” Hellius said, landing next to me.


“What… What is funny?” I said shaking.


“My illusion worked.”


“What illusion?!”


“Oh nothing, I may have made an illusion of you and infiltrated your team. Then I set off the alarms and forced them to flee.”


“But why me?”


“You were the only one that was not with the team, it was easy.”


I then remembered today was the team’s anniversary… I hadn’t been there and Hellius’ illusion was there. I doomed the team. I turned off my mech, got out, and kneeled in front of Hellius.

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