Divinity Team: The Split

The Split

Divinity Team Airfield




I was getting used to being inside what I called Greenlight. A bit unoriginal, but I’m not good with names and I think it suits him. I’m also slowly regaining control over him, the first thing I noticed was that I could get him to sleep, and then when it’s more calm I have been able to do specific simple tasks over what Greenlight wants.


But today I was able to control it nearly completely. I could make him attack at will the majority of times, and at some point I even felt close to breaking free from him. Greenlight and I battled Hellius I completely lost track of what was going on around me, all I wanted was to bring down Hellius. Today I saw how he had lost control, and totally given into his powers. After around five minutes a giant firebeam hit Hellius straight in the face, then another hit his back, setting his cloak ablaze. Nixus had come back… And I feared she was pissed.


As the cloak slowly burned it revealed he was wearing a wicked black armour, with twisted shapes sharp lines and spikes. He had a mask that covered his chin up to his nose revealing only his eyes and hair. Pitch black eyes, pitch black hair, he looked like a god from hell.


“Nix, why do you do this? Don’t you see what they have done? What you have done?” He roared as he shot massive chunks from our airfield at Nixus.


Thunder crackled above, lighting started falling all around us. Hellius looked up and laughed.


“So we’re having a spectacle tonight? I wasn’t expecting much of a battle, but I’m happy you guys are treating me with such hospitality.” And then he laughed again.


I summoned my blades again and ran at Hellius. A single slash from my blade made a massive gap in his armour, and though I was surprised at first, the armour regenerated nearly instantly. What? I kept slashing, fire kept hitting him, lightning crackled and hit him in the head, but he kept fighting us like a big kid bullying a bunch of  preschoolers.


A perfect arrow landed in his eye. And he roared in anger. His eye bleed, it bleed purple blood. And then something happened. A massive crack sound followed by a shockwave. I turn around to see a crater, and out of it jumped Kloza.




It had been a while since I had set foot in here. But I couldn’t take it all in, I needed to destroy them for what they had done. They had tried to kill me in fear of my powers. Now I will kill them using my powers. I summoned my claws and let out a battle cry. I crossed my arms and jumped seven feet in the air landing next to Nixus.


“Hey Nix, hadn’t seen you in a while.”




I lifted her from the ground slowly closing my grip, I didn’t intend killing her now, that would be less fun. Make them suffer a bit before. A giant lightning bolt hit me in the back, catching me off guard. It stung a bit but I recovered quickly. A fire beam hit me in the face now, shit, I had let Nixus loose. She would be annoying. I kept regenerating my face as she burned it but I was actually getting angry now. A cold blast hit my legs and they were frozen. Green light flashed in front of me and I felt a deep cut in my belly. You think you can contain me… Yeah totally. A shrill roar came out of my mouth, I broke the ice and punched the green lights flashing in front of me, I heard a loud crack, and saw Suleos lying unconscious on the airfield.


Zomborn sped by, but my reflexes easily saw him, I simply raised my arm in front of him and cracked his ribs. He went flying, landing with a second crack. Where was Hellius? He was supposed to meet me here. But he was gone. Ugh come on. I couldn’t kill the team on my own. It was part of the deal we made… Crap. I had to leave now.


“This is not over… We will meet again and you will all die.” I said. Then I went inside their headquarters and brought out a nearly dead Melluni.


“Sorry but I need to get a small reward at least.” And then I decapitated him, and took the head.




A week had gone by since our fight with Kloza, when I woke up on the broken airfield, I saw the team kneeling mourning to a headless body. A body I later found out was Melluni. Kloza had killed Melluni. The sad irony of that was that Kloza and Melluni were a bit of a thing before, just like Nixus and Hellius. The team wanted to hold a meeting, I was tired of their meetings, we were fucked and we didn’t need ten meetings to agree on that. But I went anyways. The meeting went on and everyone slowly grew increasingly unstable, we started snapping back to each other, and at one moment I feared the meeting could escalate to something much more serious.


Nixus and Zomborn seemed to be on my side more, we should go to Hellius and Kloza as soon as possible, the more we waited the more time they had to do whatever they wanted. But Shox, Viridi, and Tennum did not agree. How can they be so stupid? Saying we needed time to prepare? But that gave Hellius and Kloza more time to prepare themselves! We all stormed out of the room, shouting at each other.


Tennum made a grave mistake and said, “I see why you don’t want to attack Hellius yet… You don’t want to hurt your boyfriend do you?”


The comment caused Nixus to snap, she shot a fire beam at Tennum, burning his face and arm. Zomborn pushed Nixus aside as a lighting bolt crashed down on him. An arrow landed in Zomborn’s shoulder, giving him barely enough time to pull it out and throw it as it exploded in the air. I summoned Greenlight and jumped at Viridi, as he said “Relinquo daemonium!” and I crashed down on the ground unable to resummon Greenlight. So he did know the spell?!


“You asshole…” I said.


Nixus dragged Zomborn’s limp body, and I followed, behind me Tennum ran covering his burnt face, followed by shox and Viridi. We ran to the last remaining hangar and entered the Sciontar. Nixus took off without any destination in mind, just getting far away from the other half. And then it hit me how big of a mistake it had been. But it was too late to go back.


End of Part 1…


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