Divinity Team: Night 72



I must say I am quite pleased with the results following our small battle. The funny thing is that they didn’t even fight me. My skills with illusions was improving a lot, I could create a physical representation of myself that you could touch, even though it was just an illusion. This was great, if I got enough practice I may be able to make an illusion for each member of the team. After the team broke ways I made sure to obliterate the buildings, just in case they wanted to come back. The place was destroyed, broken and burnt.


I heard footsteps behind me and saw Kloza staring at the rubble.


“They’re gone” She said.


“They are indeed.”


We walked to the corner of the building. I lifted some rubble and opened a trapdoor. We went down a ladder and stopped at the bottom. This place… I could sense Kloza was getting agitated just by being here. This dreadful place. I flicked the lightswitch and the room illuminated, barely. It was left the same way they had left in that very night. The night Kloza died. The camera monitoring her was still there, the bed where they held her was still there. I could now see a trace of blood backing against the corner, where Kloza had seen no escape and was captured by Xeph. So Kloza wasn’t killed, but was left here to bleed out in pain. The only one that could’ve helped her, trapped away. I remember that night I had woken up in a dark void. A spell cast by Viridi, I couldn’t see or feel anything, but I could hear everything. An endless void. A spell I had learned to resist, afterwards. I remember hearing screams coming from down here, and suddenly they stopped. By the time I was released from the spell Kloza was gone. And I had never dared see what had really happened.


“Oh Kloza… This looks horrible.”


The room was a big, bloody mess. As I picked up the camera Kloza grabbed my shoulder.


“I want to see it.” She said.


As we went back inside the headquarter ruins I inserted the video card into a computer and opened the file for that night. “Night 72 January 16”. The room dimly illuminated just as I had seen. A figure came inside the room from where the ladder was. And slowly more and more came in. Melluni, Viridi, Zomborn, Suleos, Shox, Tennum, and Nixus… They approached Kloza’s bed and proceeded to lock her on the bed, waking her up on the process, but she was unable to move. As they all proceeded to insult her, and excusing themselves because the was “too powerful”, and then they started beating her up. Strapped to her bed, defenseless. She seemed dead, and they let go of the restraints. I saw Nixus with a phone on her hand, as she later said, “Xeph is on their way”. And they shoved Kloza off the bed. The team left the room. I skipped the video around an hour when the trapdoor opened again. Kloza turned her head and croaked “Please, don’t.” As the man approached her, she started cowering to the corner leaving a trail of blood. The man got out a body bag and stuffed a near-dead Kloza in the bag. He turned around and turned the camera off.


I stare at Kloza, whom is now nearly half robot, thanks to this night. There were tears in her eyes. Her vision fixated on the now black screen. And then she hugged me.


“Thanks for saving me.” She whispered.

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