Origins: Blazerk


Mark ran towards his house, or what was left smoldering, there had been a huge fire. Not knowing what to do he simply stood there crying and kicking burning heaps of wood. He knew his parents had not gone out of the building, if they had come out in time they would be with him. He could not believe what was going on, he felt helpless, hopeless, and worse of all, he felt guilty. The only thing left for him to do, was to let it go, there was no way of reverting what had happened. Sometimes, he wished he could travel in time, there wouldn’t be any worries because he could simply prevent everything, and yet thinking about preventing the horrific things that happened to him all the time, just made it worse, he couldn’t get any happiness by thinking of good times, he just felt sadder, and sadder. He looked at the fire trucks, and saw a fireman running to him. As the fireman grabbed him everything went black.


When Mark woke up he was in a hospital bed, machines monitoring his breath, his heart rate, and things he didn’t understand. He was just sad, he wanted his family back but he knew they weren’t there anymore. A nurse walked inside and asked him is he was fine, he responded by crying. He knew it was his fault, and that made it worse.



He still remembered the day he had killed his family twenty years ago. It had been the day that started his transformation. Three years ago he had finished transforming but was almost instantly captured by the Divinity Team and sent to a prison in Canada. But today had been the day. He had been planning his escape for so long, and he had succeeded. As he roared in anger standing on the ruins of the prison he heard something.


A big ship landed nearby. Out of it walked the team that had placed him here. The Divinity Team.


Blazerk roared in anger as he ran towards the team. As he stood tall twenty feet, the team looked like little toy figures. He scanned the the faces and noticed that there was one missing. The fighting girl, the one that had beat him to a pulp the first time around was not there. He still remembered her perfectly, with her black hair that almost looked like a perfect shadow, her skin was light and smooth, the shape of her body was curvy yet intimidating. The look on her dark eyes still gave him chills, but somehow he was still in love. In love with the one that almost beat him to death, and had clearly hated him. He felt an arrow land on his shoulder and he snapped out of his daydream. He swung his arm at the team and they scurried like sheep. This seems easy. He thought. He breathed fire at them and watched the fire girl countered his entire fire breath with her powers. Impressive. Thunder sounded above and he felt a massive lightning bolt strike him. He stomped the ground and created a tremendous earthquake out of his pure force. The earthquake knocked down the whole team. “There is nothing you can do now. I will destroy each and every one of you.” He shouted.


The team slowly started to stand up, starting with the guy with the green energy. And then he flashed bright green. Blazerk was mesmerized at the power he felt just by looking at him. A man in glowing green armour, with razor sharp blades of energy. So Blazerk laughed. The bowman started levitating and shot an arrow at Blazerk’s neck. Sharp pain emerged in him, followed with a bit of lava dripping down until the would quickly heals itself. Blazerk shoots a fire beam at the bowman and then grabs him in mid air. The green man slashes at Blazerk’s arm cutting and stabbing without success. Blazerk threw the bowman’s body to the floor. He finds the ice man staring at him with pure rage in his face.“Ice versus fire? Come at me cold boy.” Blazerk taunts. But then he feels his chest frozen under the sheer cold of this ice man. Five shots later Blazerk was frozen solid, filled with rage he cracks the ice and roars.


The green man kept hitting him relentlessly, distracting him from seeing the team standing in a circle preparing for the all-out. And seemingly out of nowhere Blazerk felt a hole in his chest. The fast one had hit him, and as he was distracted with the hole, his hand was frozen. And the green man sliced it clean off. The wound sealed itself but it didn’t regrow. Blazerk cried out as he felt the air get colder. What started as a small twister became a tornado, the electric man was inside of it, the fire woman shoots fire at the tornado, and somehow setting it ablaze. The vortex was 4 kilometers tall, but wasn’t pulling him. Instead it simply started hitting him, thousands of volts of electricity shocked his body creating a very annoying distraction. He jumped and reached for the electric man but couldn’t reach him. A fire beam hit him in the head, it was so hot it melted the rock that formed his head, literally melting his face. Ice kept hitting him everywhere, he was getting cut up and shot at with lasers and missiles. Blazerk was getting angry.


The dark magician was ripping apart parts of his body while shooting them back with impressive force. The fire in his face stops, the fire girl was moving, and she started shooting at his chest. As Blazerk swings his arm he smoothly grabs the fire girl.


“NOOOO!” The magician screams. Blazerk laughed and smashed his fist in the ground. That was the last thing he would remember, as his body was crushed into a ball, intense agony everywhere, his healing factor failing completely. The ball that was now his body is taken into orbit by the magician man, and then it’s thrown back down, creating a crater around half a mile across. The smoldering ball is later crushed by the magician landing on it with such force that the crater expanded to about a mile across. Blazerk, the fire giant was dead.

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