Divinity Team: Night 72



Hellius was the only one that had tried to save me, he was the only one that cared about me. I couldn’t believe that Xeph didn’t just break in to get me… It was that Nixus bitch! She was the one that called the laboratories to come pick me up, so they would torture me and experiment on me. And the whole team acted like it had been a raid, when it wasn’t, and now they deserved what they were getting from us, and much more.


“So what next?” I asked.


“I’m not sure. Fighting an of them at once is not particularly easy.” He responded.


“I can take on half and you take on the other half.” I responded


“No, I still need practice, I need to be able to make my illusions even more realistic.”


But giving us more time gives them more time too! I simply nodded and grabbed his hand. Instants later we were at our base. We had just watched the moments before I had originally been taken here, and now here I was living peacefully in the same place. Shortly after Hellius helped me escape this place, we returned to clean up. Hellius had taken the biggest research room for his practice with his illusions and powers, and was working on some nifty potions and explosives, I hadn’t known that Hellius was some sort of chemist and engineer but he was working on those things with ease. I had taken the cell room for myself to have enough space to practice with weapons and have a bit of fun with parkour. The room was shaped like a U with containment pods along the wall. All empty, but full of a green liquid. The cells were surprisingly bulletproof, as I still hadn’t been able to break any of them. I guess they were great for target practice.


I waited until night, when Hellius was asleep to sneak outside. I needed to know where the team had gone to. So I just ran, into the heart of Tokyo.
A few hours later I arrived back at Kyoto. I entered the Gojo metro station and walked towards the emergency exit, I walked to the very corner and spoke “Anoixe Theikos Omada” The floor of the corner sinked about a feet and then split up. I walked down a ladder as the door closed behind me. Around an hour later I had arrived at the headquarters again. Now I would need to follow their traces, and find them.

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