Divinity Team: Complications


Mont Forel Greenland



Why are we so stupid? We have just opened a big gap for Hellius and Kloza to use to beat all of us. I had taken Zomborn and Suleos back to the mountains of Greenland. There was a cave where I came to meditate to sometimes. We had set up a nice encampment on the very far end of the cave where we would hopefully be safe. Zomborn had sped off to get us meals, and Suleos was outside, practicing his powers maybe? Just as I was wondering what he was up to he stormed in the cave panicked and said, “I can’t summon Greenlight!”


“Greenlight?” I asked.


“I can’t use my powers, it seems Viridi somehow disabled them.”


“Oh no… Ok don’t panic, can you do simple things with your powers? Or nothing at all?”


“I can feel the energy but I can’t get it to show or even affect anything.”


A rush of wind blew my face and my brother appeared holding a basket with food.


“What happened?” He asked.


“He can’t summon his powers, it seems like Viridi somehow disabled them.” I responded.


“Shit. Um, Suleos. Can you feel the power inside you at least?”


“Yeah I can feel it but I can’t even get it to show.”


“We have to meet back with the team and settle our differences, Viridi can repel the spell.” I offered.


“Who knows where they went!” Suleos argued.


“Actually I know where they are, passed by them when getting food.”


“Jeez where are they?” I questioned.


“They decided to go to a less remote place unlike us, they’re in a part of California called Orange County.”


So we stepped back in the Sciontar and flew to California. We needed to settle things before it was too late.


California United States



As the invisible ship hovered above, the other half of the team came down from the sky. As Shox and Tennum walked out of our safe house we stood together anticipating the tension. Zomborn, Kloza, and Suleos calmly walk at us and I raise my arm to my quiver.


“No need.” Kloza says.


“What do you want.” Tennum speaks out from my right.


“You, Viridi, owe Suleos his powers back.” Kloza replies.


“And you owe Tennum his face back.” I snap.


“Hey, let’s calm down here. We know the risks of Hellius and Kloza, now don’t we? Tennum’s face won’t affect the outcome of a potential battle, but Suleos’ powers will.” She calmly replied.


“I’m sorry I’m not doing that.” I counter.


“Well then. I guess we won’t be doing any more talking with you. Enjoy your safe house.” Kloza replied as she snapped her fingers. A missile hit the safe house and blew it to bits, it’s explosion rocking out feet, and a giant fireball hit us in the face. We scrambled trying to get out of the smoke, tripping and crawling, debris falling everywhere. As the smoke started to clear out I stood up and loaded a new arrow to my bow, this one was made for dismemberment. As I shot the arrow a massive gust of wind hit all of us. Bad timing Shox.


The air cleared out the smoke and a tornado started to form. I saw Zomborn nod at Nixus and run straight at it, spinning in the opposite direction. Didn’t this happen in The Flash? I ignored them and loaded another arrow into the bow. As I shot it at Nixus the arrow melted in front of her. In fact the ground around her was burning as she glowed a bright hot white. What is this? I don’t understand, I’ve never seen this! Tennum shot an ice beam at Kloza but it simply turned to steam. A streak of light went by and hit my legs, dropping me to the ground. One of my legs is snapped backwards, and the pain goes all over my body. Suleos walks up to me and says,


“Just give me back my powers.”


A millisecond later there’s claws coming out of his chest. It’s Kloza.


“Exousiarep daemonium.” I shout.


Suleos’ powers return, including his healing factor, and he coughs. Thank god. Suleos runs back to Nixus and her brother and they jump on the Sciontar. They disappear inside the invisible ship, and the sound of it hovering above is gone. Kloza smiles at us as Hellius walks up behind her.
I close my eyes and murmur “Metafora Stigmi.” When I open my eyes we’re in a desert, but at least we’re safe for now.

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