Divinity Team: Complications


“Kloza what’s wrong with you?” I shout.


“What? We’ve taken too long, if we’re doing something we should do it now.” She angrily replied.


“Listen, if they team up and go all out, I don’t know if we can win.”


“But… Look, they’re broken and split up-”


“And they’re pissed off too. In fact now, I fear they will be more strongly attracted to getting back up.”


“That’s exactly why we should attack now! If they get back together they will be more dangerous.”


“Come on Kloza, stay low, let them calm down, and attack when they don’t expect it.”


“You don’t listen to me ever, we need to strike now while they’re broken, not later when they’re stronger.”


“Kloza, just use your common sense! How can you say such stupidities.”


“Well if you don’t want to go in now, then fuck you, I’ll go on my own.”


“Come on Kloza, you can’t do this.”


“Do what? Split up? Like they did? Well I’ll go take on half first and mail you their heads.”


“I already told you the point is just to stop and expose them, not to completely destroy them.”


“That’s what you want, not what I want, and what you want interferes with what I want, so I guess I’ll just beat you to it.”
And with that she ran off into the distance, and I stood there as it started to rain, putting off the fire left from the safehouse explosion. I dissolved the illusion and found myself back in the lab. I walked to the computer room and booted up the program I had been working on. Once it loads I’m presented with a map of the planet with a single pulsating purple orb in Arizona. I clicked on a button and it loads six red orbs, three of which are in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Good, she won’t find them soon. The other three dots are located in the Liaoning city in China. Interesting place to park your ship, surprisingly close to the other guys. I clicked back on a third button that shows me the 7 orbs on the map and my heart skipped a beat. The purple orb was now in Beijing. Kloza could teleport? This was bad, very bad.

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