Divinity Team: Complications


You can’t tell me what to do Hellius, not anymore. Thankfully Hellius doesn’t know about my teleportation device I stole from the labs. I could feel that Suleos, Nixus, and Zomborn were close. I could sense their energy nearby, it wouldn’t take me long to find them. I teleported to the next city, Nanjing. Their energy was stronger, but not quite here. I then teleported to Hangzhou, I could basically feel their energy next to me, but I knew they were not here, something told me I could be closer to them. So I teleported to Shanghai, and I instantly sensed they were very close. They had to be here.


I ran through the streets of Beijing scanning the area, and sensing when they were close. I ran past Fuzhou Road, there they were. I stood in the middle of the road and turned on my heat vision. Haha, there you are, you can’t escape me. The Sciontar hovered above me, with three heat signatures inside.


I landed on its roof, I could hear them discussing something about meeting up with the other side. I knew it. They were all facing the opposite direction of where I stood so I made a hole on the roof and slipped in quietly. Lets have some fun. I ripped off one of the passenger chairs and launched it at them with all my strength. Surprisingly, Suleos caught it mid-air. I was turning to get another chair when a fire beam nearly scorched my face.


“Nixus, what are you doing? Why end it so quickly? Let’s have some fun, just like you had fun with me.” I said.


Two more fire beams shot at my face, I ducked and jumped at Nixus, tackling her. I pinned her hands just as she shot more fire, causing the fire to hit the top of the ship, melting a big hole on it’s roof. I punched her hard in the face and turned around to see Suleos cowering in a corner and Zomborn standing in front of him. I walked up to them and shoved Zomborn aside.


“Hello Suleos, where are your powers? I guess I will call you by your real name now, Simon.”


A fist went through my chest, stopping me there. So I cut it off. I heard Zomborn scream in agony behind me as I healed the hole left in my chest. I walked up to the ship’s control pannel and turned the entire ship off.


The crashing of the ship on the street bounced us up in the air about a foot, waking up Nixus. I walked up to her again and like nothing she was gone. Suleos, Zomborn, and Nixus were gone. Next time I will cut you legs off.


I ended up in the Gobi Desert, but it’s vastness threw me off. There are no streets, just a vast emptiness of sand and rock. I could feel them almost next to me, and suddenly I couldn’t sense them anymore. What? They somehow disabled their powers. Now I had no way of finding them, I was out in the open. It’s a trap. And sure enough, I felt how they all enabled their powers and everything just flew straight at me. Lightning, fire, wind, arrows, it all rained on me, my healing factor barely keeping up.


Everything stopped for a second, no fire, no arrows, nothing. They all stopped shooting at me, as Viridi walked up to me slowly as he muttered something under his breath. I couldn’t sense any powers anymore, my strength and sharp senses dulled. Viridi pulled out a slim, sharp dagger, and sunk it in my chest. A feeling I hadn’t sensed before surged through my body. Pain.


Viridi pulled out the dagger, red with my blood, and walked away, leaving me powerless in the middle of the desert.

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