Origins: Kloza/Nixus

December 2025

For Mei it was a normal day at school, she was taking history class when suddenly a sizzling sound, along with smoke, hit her in the face. As she looked down she saw a smoldering hole in her desk and on the ground with a glowing pink colored liquid slowly making the hole go deeper. Mei shrieked in horror, her hands still radiating the same pink glow that the liquid held. Everyone looked at her and instantly noticed the smoking hole in her desk and the deep pit in the ground. Panic instantly arose and Mei ran towards the door and grabbed the handle which instantly melted at the touch of her hand. Panickedly she tried to shove the door just making 2 holes the shape of her palms on its surface. As she looked back she saw all of her classmates backed up against the opposite wall, looking at her in horror.


“I’m… I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you!” She waved her hands in the air and sent a beam of pink acid straight at the top of the wall making another smoldering hole. The children screamed in horror as Mei nearly killed them. Another teacher who had heard the screaming ran towards the burnt door and opened it frantically. She ran mortified to a bathroom and locked it, where she sat crying for what she felt were hours.


Outside she could hear both kids and adults running in total chaos and confusion. Off in the distance of a sea of shouting she could hear someone calling “Mei?! Where are you Mei?!” It was Liu calling for her, but she couldn’t go out like this, her hands were still glowing meaning she was dangerous. Slowly the screaming and chaos seemed to calm down but Mei could still hear Liu calling out for her.


“Liu I’m in here.” Mai said silently.


“Oh! Mei where are you?! And why are you crying?”


“I’m in the bathroom, please don’t come near me.”


“Come on, hurry up, everyone is running! We need to leave now!”


“They’re running from me!”


“That’s ridiculous, now come out!”


“No… Leave me.”


Liu tried to open the handle and completely broke it off. The large crack startled both of them as the door slowly opened, exposing a scared Mei with her hands in the air and tears running down her face.


“Oh my Mei what happened with your hands?!” And Liu grabbed Mei’s hands. Horrified, Mei screamed knowing what her hands could do, and Liu screamed in agony as the skin and muscle melted under Mei’s acid. But when they looked at her hands, they were perfectly fine, unscratched.


“Yo-your hands… How?” Asked Mei.


And Liu reached in again and touched Mei’s hands, agony filled her body but cleared quickly as she got completely healed.


“Listen Mei, as confusing as this is, you need to control this power.”


“I know… But I just can’t do it!”


“What were you feeling when you first noticed this power?”


“Well I was in history class and I was getting really annoyed at the teacher, you know, like always.”


“Were you calm?”




“Ok, and you haven’t been calm since. Try to calm down with me.”


Slowly Mei calmed herself down, and her glowing hands turned back to normal.


“Thank you Liu!”


“Now we can’t stay here, if they are scared of you they will be violent, the police may be here too. And if you get stressed who knows what you could cause.”

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