Origins: Zomborn


December 2025

Late at night, Bo sat on the front porch watching in tears as Mei and Liu were shoved inside a black van, they would be taken to the newly established laboratories in their neighbor country, Japan, researching the mineral spilling in the Pacific Ocean. The authorities had said that they would be sent to the laboratory because they theorized their powers had emerged from drinking the mineral spillage. But they had never said when they would be returned, and much less if they would ever be seen again.


As the van started to drive away something happened. At first Bo thought that it was just slowing down, but then he noticed that everything had slowed down. And it was slowing down more and more.


“Whoa!” He exclaimed. He could walk and move normally, but everything else was moving so slow it appeared to be standing still. And then he thought of something, if he could slow down time, he would chase his sister all the way to Japan.


After a while of walking behind the van he finally managed to control the speed of time at will, in one moment nearly losing the van completely because he accidentally sped up time too much. Bo was getting the hang of it, but he couldn’t risk being spotted and the sun was rising. Bo slowed down time nearly to a stop and ran towards the van and climbed to the roof, hoping that the slow time would make him seem too fast to even be seen or heard. And then he sped up time. In minutes he had arrived to what seemed to be the military airport. And so he slowed down time again. He watched in silence how his sister and her friend were shoved out of the van and escorted to a Xian Y20 aircraft. He waited for the the cargo door to start closing and ran inside.

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