Origins: Suleos


December 2025

“Get away from me!” Shouted Simon.


“Of course not you little shit.” Shouted Brad as he shoved Simon to the ground. Brad pulled Simon’s backpack taking it from his hands and took out a laptop. “Is this yours Semen Simon?”


“Don’t call me that! That computer has important memories and pictures with my family. Please don’t do anything to it!” Simon pleaded.


“Or what, will you punch me with those twigs?” And then Brad smashed Simon’s laptop on the wall. Simon stood up and felt a rush of energy flow through his body. As he straightened his back he saw a flash of fear in Brad’s eyes as Simon launched the first punch at his gut. And then he noticed his hand was covered by a glowing green blade, but it was too late. Blood painted Brad’s shirt, his body stiffened and then fell over. Simon stood in a school hallway, with blood on his shirt, green blades coming out of his fists and a horrified crowd staring at him. He crawled into a ball crying as he slowly drifted from consciousness.


When Simon woke up he found himself handcuffed in a police car. No, this wasn’t a police car, he knew that. But why was he handcuffed? Eventually he was shoved off the car and he found himself in what he assumed was a military airfield. He was put inside a small jet, the air smelled funny, it smelled like fruits, and… He drifted off.


This time when Simon woke up he was inside another plane. This one was bigger and he was on the cargo area. What was going on? He looked around and saw 4 men in military suits talking to each other, they seemed to be waiting for something. There was a sign that said something in Mandarin, wait, in Mandarin?! He barely had enough time to process this information when another van drove up to the runway. Out of the van 2 girls were shoved outside and walked into the plane with him. Somehow, he sensed that there was someone else. And then he spotted someone in the distance, crouching and looking dead onto the plane. He seemed like he wanted to run but the cargo door was already lifting. He wouldn’t make it! Yet somehow the man appeared inside the plane. Did he just teleport?! He hugged one of the girls and said something in Mandarin. Then the man turned around and looked at Simon, he was no man, he was just a teenager just like Simon.


“My name is Bo.” And then he stretched out his hand.


“I’m Simon.” And he shook his hand. For some reason, deep inside, Simon felt this was the start of something great.

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