Origins: Tennum


January 2026

“These kids were safely escorted to the newly established, Xeph laboratories in Tokyo Japan. They will be researched upon to understand the cause of their mysterious powers to help prevent events like the ones that occured in December of last year. Some people are also saying that the reason probably has something to do with the fire that occured to the Perino mansion in June two years ago where Deborah and Frank Perino were killed in a house fire believed to been caused by their son, Mark Perino.”


Ivan turned off the television, what crazy nonsense nowadays. What did it take to get the viewers to even pay attention anymore.


“Mijo, ven a comer.” His mother called.


Time to eat the same thing again… Tortillas and beans.


“Mira Ivan, deja de estar viendo la televisión en inglés, pura porqueria ponen allí.”


As his mom scolded him for watching to the television in English, Ivan simply sighed and slumped over his chair. He ate quietly, when he finished he carried his plates to the kitchen and put it in the sink. The air smelled of humidity, as if the house was rotting away, the tip of the fauced kept spitting a small stream of water that would never stop, the rusty pan lay on the stove, cooling down, the paint on the walls, slowly peeling off and growing mold… His father who would come back late at night, angry like always, his mother who loved his father despite all the abuse, his sister who cried herself to sleep after returning from prostituting herself to get a little more money to support the family. And then there was Ivan. He dreamed of becoming an inventor, a master of the machines and technology. He wanted to travel the world and help everyone. But for now he was stuck here.


Ivan walked to his room and waited, he waited hours until his dad arrived, then another hour until his sister arrived, and then another hour to make sure they were all asleep. Ivan walked to the garage, which would usually hold a car but instead there was an old motorcycle and a rusty bike. From the garage he walked to the woods next to his house where next to a tree’s roots lay Ivan’s project. JL-16, his creation. To his parents it would seem like a waste of time, but to Ivan, this was magical.


Three years ago Ivan had started visiting the junkyard, looking for scraps, what started of as a way to kill time had become a project that would steal countless hours of sleep, but reward them back in learnings. After hundreds of failures, cuts, and burns, Ivan had learned to weld metal and connect circuits, after hundreds of failed codes Ivan had learned to program using a computer he had stolen. Today was the day he would turn it on. A humanoid robot measuring five feet in height made with twisted metal and rusty pipes lay limp on the forest floor. He touched the robot to turn it on, and then he blacked out.


When Ivan woke up he saw his own body on the ground. Panic rose inside him, was this the purgatory? Had he died? But then he saw his other body, the one made of rusty metal and twisted pipes. But how was this possible. Ivan attempted to stand up, failing and falling face first on the ground. A large clank echoed, followed by the light on his parents’ bedroom to turn on. Oh shit.


Ivan tried to get back up, tripping again and making another large bang. This time his sister’s light turned on. A gunshot fired in the distance, it was his father’s shotgun. A large light flashed him in the face and a second shot proceeded.


Come on wake up! He touched his old body again and woke up on the floor with JL-16 kneeling over him.


“!Papa espera!” He pleaded his dad to stop, but it didn’t help. He fired two quick shots at his robot, knocking it to the ground. He could see the smoke coming out of the shotgun’s nozzle, the gaping hole on JL’s chest, the exposed wires hanging from him, and the anger on his dad’s face. As his father reloaded his weapon, Ivan crawled away. As Ivan reached the garage and got on the bike, he heard 2 final gunshots.

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