Origins: Hellius

January 2026


Damon heard the chopper arriving, it would be supposedly holding two girls and a guy that were thought to have powers. His father had starting researching the mineral spilling that happened in the pacific ocean back in 2024. The spilling had been a mix of minerals that were being extracted for nuclear purposes. The spillage was moved by the currents and reached every corner of the world in some way. The theory was that people with an extremely rage gene in adolescents would be mutated and develop these powers. This was his dad’s obsession. He was so fascinated by the powers possessed by these kids that he had stopped his lab’s research on the spillage and wanted to know exactly why they had developed their powers. So he had brought them here, to Japan, to the Xeph Laboratories.


Damon knew what it meant for him. He hadn’t developed any powers, just like the other 2 billion adolescents, but his father… His father wanted Damon to have these powers. 3 weeks prior Damon was brought to the labs to be experimented with. They were trying to force the powers into him.


February 2026

Damon was dragged to room SC-16, here he would be strapped to a chair, he knew this was the day, he could sense it. The kids had arrived and instantly were taken to experimentation chambers, it had been a whole month of torture for him and he feared for the other kids, what could they be going through? Damon could feel his mind breaking, his body giving up, he could barely function. If this experiment didn’t work – though he doubted he would even live through it – he would be left useless. He was lifted and put on a chair where his arms and legs were strapped. And then he waited.


The door to the room opened and a large man walked inside. His hair was the color of an endless void, his eyes were a rare shade of electric yellow, his skin a white so pale you could see the veins behind it. The man was muscular and a towering 6’6 feet tall, a truly intimidating figure. This was his dad.


“Hey Damon.”


“H-Hi d-d-dad.”


“Oh stop stuttering.” He didn’t even see his hand come until he felt the pain on his right cheekbone.


“Now Damon, I will tell you what we’ll do today, first I will be splicing your genes and inserting the gene we found on the kids that came, it’s impressive. Then I will be injecting the radioactive substance directly into your veins. This part will hurt, a lot.”


A mask was put over Damon’s face where he quickly faded from consciousness. When Damon woke up he was greeted by his smiling father.


“We did it, the gene is now part of you!”


“N-No! P-Please don’t do th-this to m-me!”


Damon’s father drew out a large syringe filled with a glowing gray liquid. As the needle drew closer he braced himself for the pain to come. The needle punctured his skin and his vein and released the warm liquid inside. He could see the liquid go through his veins, slowly moving through his whole body, leaving a trail of pain. His forearm exploded in pain, he tensed it and tried to move it but the strap stopped him. The liquid went up past his elbow and to his shoulder, pain went through his shoulder and to his back. He cried out in pain. The world slowed down, the liquid seemed to stop in place and the memories came flowing in.


Memories of him and his father like that time when they had gone to a theme park and both their phones dropped from their pockets on the ride, they had laughed so much that day at their mistake, or that other time when his little sister was born and Damon had suggested calling her Sarah, and then the funeral… The day his father went crazy, the day he said his final goodbye to his mother and sister, they had gone get the groceries, the fucking groceries! And they were now dead because of they ran out of fucking eggs and milk. He remembered the day that they first got to Japan, to get away from society.


He cried out in pain again, but this time fueled by anger, no, this was rage. He lifted his arm breaking the straps like they were not there. He looked at his dad who stood shocked. Damion roared extending his arms and releasing all of the anger. A giant shockwave of energy was released from his body breaking everything in its path. He felt renewed, he felt powerful, he felt like a god.

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