Hey Jon, I finally got my new phone, still gotta add the contacts to it – 6:48pm


Um, who’s this? – 6:50pm


It’s me danielle – 6:50pm


Oh! Hey, how’s it going?! – 6:50pm


Pretty good, finally finished the final renovations on my house! – 6:50pm


Sweet! I can’t wait to go and see em – 6:50pm


Can’t wait to have you here! – 6:50pm


So what you doin rn? – 6:51pm


The usual, been pretty busy lately, Hector has been a pain

lately, I keep overworking because he keeps putting

random crap on my plate – 6:51pm


Oh rip – 6:51pm


Didnt u tell Hector you quit recently? – 6:51pm


Quit? – 6:51pm


No, I decided against it, rather deal with him than with being

broke I guess – 6:51pm


Ah, well the best of luck then, hope you don’t have much

trouble then – 6:51pm


Anyways – 6:54pm


You doing something tonight? I was thinking we could maybe

go eat something, maybe go to the movies? – 6:54pm


I’m so sorry I cant, I reall have to work today – 6:55pm


Really* – 6:55pm


Rip, no time for fun I see – 6:55pm


Yeah, well I gtg rn sry. – 6:55pm


Oh, ok 😦 – 6:55pm


Ttyl then ig – 6:55pm


Omg please answr – 7:23pm


Thers somene at the door – 7:23pm


There’s someone* – 7:23pm


He’s trying to break in! – 7:23pm


Come on plesse ansqer – 7:25pm


Jon? Come on Jon? – 7:26pm


What? – 7:26pm


Oh crap! Call the police! – 7:26pm


He broke in! – 7:26pm


Omg he broke inside – 7:26pm


Danielle? – 7:28pm


Are you there? – 7:30pm


Oh my, you shouldve siad you were coming, I’ll have to charge

you for that lock you broke. – 7:31pm


What? What lock did I break? – 7:31pm


Oh come on, I’m coming downstairs and give you a good

ol’ hug – 7:31pm


OMG NO STOP! – 7:31pm


Dont! I’m not downstairs! – 7:31pm


Danielle? – 7:33pm


Danielle? – 7:36pm


Are you there? Answer my call damnit – 7:42pm


yes im here – 7:43pm


Ok good, have you called the police? – 7:43pm


its fine – 7:43pm


What are you talking about? – 7:43pm


Someone broke into your house that’s not “fine” – 7:43pm


im alright dont worry – 7:44pm


Im coming over right now – 7:44pm


i told you not to worry – 7:44pm


I’m in the car already – 7:45pm


Alright I’m here? – 7:50pm


I’m in your room where are you? – 7:51pm


im not in my room – 7:51pm


How did you walk past the man that broke in… – 7:51pm


Danielle… Whats my name? – 7:51pm

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