Origins: Shox

April 2026


Nearly 2 years had passed since the incident but Aleksander was still shocked at what had happened. Memories would flood in, nightmares hit him like waves, never stopping. He shouldn’t have gone to visit his father at work that day, but thinking about not being there with him then made Aleksander feel guilty. His father died at his side, if not for Aleksander, his father would’ve died alone. The memory of his father’s body floating in the ocean felt like a knife was being stabbed in his soul.


On May 6th 2024 Aleksander and his father entered the Mineral Rig. Excitement lit Aleksander’s eyes, he had been traveling during the weekend, flying from Moscow to Kamchatka and then sailing for a day until they reached the Rig. The A17 Mineral Drilling Rig stood 100 meters tall out of the water and 650 meters under the surface. The drill reached a whopping 20 kilometers deeper than the base of the structure making the drill hole the deepest hole on Earth.


Scientists in Russia had concluded that there were some interesting and undiscovered minerals in the rocks 15-25 kilometers deep in the surface. The purpose was to drill and extract as much material as possible to study it. Aleksander’s father’s job was to supervise the drilling along with a team of 4 other people. He had invited over Aleksander to learn about the job hoping he would one day step in his shoes.


After a couple hours of following his dad and walking around the rig a large earthquake shook the entire structure. The shaking continued for almost a minute, causing hundreds of boxes to tip over and tripping people all across the rig. The earthquake was strong for sure, it would cause some big waves. As rehearsed hundreds of times everyone ran to the center of the structure where Aleksander’s dad gave orders to secure the area, shut down the drill, and seek shelter. What was that rocking motion? Waves. Giant waves were hitting the structure and shaking the 300,000 tons that the Mineral Rig weighed. People were trotting to their positions when an alarm started beeping all across the station. People started panicking and running to their designated places. Aleksander and his dad ran to the control room and received a shocking surprise. The tsunami was heading straight at them at a mere 150 kilometers and was picking up speed, currently at around 600 kilometers per hour. The scary part was the size. A massive 400 meter tall wave raced straight at them with no way of stopping. This tsunami would be remembered in history forever.


Around 10 minutes later the water level rose so much it was slowly flooding the platform they were standing on, the pillars under it were now completely submerged. From the North-East a towering wall of water sped towards them. It was mesmerizingly large.


Aleksander hugged his father tight and cried silent tears. This was it.


The massive wave hit the structure with so much force it caused a shockwave. For the first second the water seemed to be stopped by the structure, but then it gave in. The floor was lifted like the page of a book, the towers were bent like straws, and the water claimed its place. Boxes, bodies, rubble, and pipes flew in the air. The control tower was hit next. Aleksander felt the water push him like a thousand men tackling him. Wood and concrete was thrown at his face as he flew in the air. His father with his hand stretched out to grab him soared high in the air as well. As they both splashed down and were submerged by the water Aleksander felt as he had no escape, he couldn’t swim to the surface, every time he got closer more water fell on him. As his vision started to fade he saw his father swimming towards him. He felt his arms wrap around him like a protective vest as he swum to the surface. Aleksander gasped eyes wide as air finally filled his lungs. As his vision was clearing a thunderous crack came from under them. First a few bubbles went up, then a whole stream of air came rushing up, as the hole emptied the water level started to lower, it was filling the hole. A hole as wide as a bus was long and 20 kilometers deep was now being filled with water, causing a whirlpool.
The current was pulling everything towards the gaping hole. And so they swam for minutes while the whirlpool pulled them back. Legs tired, arms heavy, desperately trying to grab onto anything that wouldn’t float away from him. And then the whirlpool stopped. The water near the hole glowed gray and it was spreading. Aleksander swam as fast as he could away from the spillage. Eventually he managed to get hold of a large piece of rubble. His father tried to crawl up slipping a few times. He looked weak, pale, and tired. When he finally got back up the small platform Aleksander saw in horror the blood on his father’s shirt. There was a big deep gash in his father’s abdomen, blood flowed out like the water that surrounded them. As his father looked at Aleksander’s eyes he opened his mouth and said “Thank you”. As the body grew limp and slipped off the piece of a wall Aleksander just stared. His father’s body floated through the ocean, leaving a red trail behind.

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