Origins: Reverb

May 2026


On May 26th the Breverans played their final concert, with a crowd of just five thousand people, whom would never see their homes again. As the high schoolers entered the backstage after playing the final song, “God of Sound” a staff member rushed to Logan and told him a sorrowful message. “Lissa… She had a terrible accident.” The hairs on Logan’s body all stood up, a shiver went down his spine and his whole body went cold. “She was coming to see you in the concert and we received the call a minute ago, she was identified to be Lisa Lakewood. I’m sorry Logan.”


The world seemed to stop for Logan, everything went quiet, and his body started vibrating. It started off like a swaying motion and quickly evolved into a rapid shaking that rattled his bones. Logan closed his eyes and tried to breathe, but his chest felt full. As a tear rolled down his cheek he felt warmth expanding inside his chest. He felt a huge urge to open his mouth but something told him he shouldn’t do it. But he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t hold it any longer. And he opened his mouth.


A soundwave exploded from his mouth, quickly breaking the sound barrier and becoming a shockwave. The sound expanded at supersonic speeds destroying everything in its path, metal, wood, cloth, and people were all obliterated like they weren’t there. Logan collapsed to his knees shocked in horror at what he had done. Around him, circle of destruction about half a mile in radius. Thousands dead, because of him.


He woke up inside a dark blue room, handcuffed on a chair, with 2 men talking near the only door. An interrogation room. One of the men turned around to face him and said something to the other man. They walked up to him and sat down.


“Tell us kid, what happened.”


“I-I don’t know.”


“You were the only body in a circle around a mile in diameter that wasn’t completely obliterated. So now tell me, what happened.”


“No, I don’t know. Why… Why me.” Logan wept silently. Anger started to build up inside of him, heat built up in his chest, he felt out of air, and he couldn’t hold it more.


“Wh-What’s going on kid, what are you doing?!”
Sorry. He mouthed them as he stood up, turned around and raised his hands. His arms rattled as he sent another shockwave from his body, this time it was channeled through his hands, a much narrower shockwave yet still incredibly destructive. There was a massive hole in the wall with freedom on the other side, behind him, deaf cops drawing their guns out. And Logan ran.

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