Origins: Viridi

July 2036


When Von heard of the incident that had occured at the Breverians’ concert he knew there was something more to it. Right after the mineral rig being hit by the tsunami the Perino incident happened, 6 months ago a girl in China made news after “shooting boiling acid from her hands” followed a few days later news were that she and a friend were taken to Xeph, and that same day her brother had disappeared. Then the Mexican boy who allegedly had created a 6 foot tall robot had disappeared from home when his father shot the robot. In February, owner and president of the Xeph project, Kaisei Saito had been murdered by his own son Goro Saito who had escaped the labs alongside the Chinese girl, her friend, and her brother, after that, the sole survivor of the A17 mineral rig, a 16 year old kid, had escaped from his house in Russia. And to add to all of that the catastrophic event a month ago where around 3,000 people died at the Breverian concert where the only survivor was their lead singer James who had escaped the interrogations and was being chased internationally.


With all of that having happened after the A17 tsunami there had to be more behind the story. Something was surely off. So being the nerd he was he opened his computer and started to research.


After researching he had come to find that the mineral mining operation to the southeast of Russia was supposed to be drilling a radioactive mineral looking to replace the Thorium in nuclear energy. Just as Thorium had replaced Uranium years ago. The mineral was named Divinium and was supposed to be found around 20 kilometers under the surface in odd groupings, and one of the largest speculated one was located to the southeast of Russia. Von’s theory was that Divinium probably spilled out of the hole and contaminated the waters which were spread around the world.


Later Von found that experiments ranged from 0.07% to 0.008% of the mineral in a cubic meter of water which proved Von’s theory. Scientists were still experimenting the effects the mineral had on living organisms but at such low amounts it seemed to do nothing. Some rats had even been given the radioactive material raw and simply faced similar fates as they would have been exposed to Uranium. So Divinium either did nothing or it killed you.


Eventually Von found a paper that was supposedly written at Xeph laboratories, though it seemed odd it was on the 18th page on Google. The paper was posted incomplete, probably due to the death of Saito. The paper shared a theory held by Kaisei on how the Divinium may cause mutations with people who had a specific gene. He was hunting down people who showed any alterations like the ones the Chinese girl had shown. Apparently he believed his son Goro had the gene too, so he experimented with him, eventually causing Goro to kill him. So Divinium could have effects on people that had the specific gene, but how much was needed? It was getting late so Von turned off his computer. As he walked to his room he saw a strange shadow on the corridor. He hurried for the light switch and found a face he’d seen before, it was Goro Saito.

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