Origins: Blazerk

He still remembered the day he had killed his family twenty years ago. It had been the day that started his transformation. Three years ago he had finished transforming but was almost instantly captured by the Divinity Team and sent to a prison in Canada. But today had been the day. He had been planning his escape for so long, and he had succeeded. As he roared in anger standing on the ruins of the prison he heard something.

Divinity Team: Night 72

Hellius was the only one that had tried to save me, he was the only one that cared about me. I couldn’t believe that Xeph didn’t just break in to get me… It was that Nixus bitch! She was the one that called the laboratories to come pick me up, so they would torture me and experiment on me. And the whole team acted like it had been a raid, when it wasn’t, and now they deserved what they were getting from us, and much more.

Divinity Team: Night 72

We walked to the corner of the building. I lifted some rubble and opened a trapdoor. We went down a ladder and stopped at the bottom. This place… I could sense Kloza was getting agitated just by being here. This dreadful place. I flicked the lightswitch and the room illuminated, barely. It was left the same way they had left in that very night. The night Kloza died. The camera monitoring her was still there, the bed where they held her was still there. I could now see a trace of blood backing against the corner, where Kloza had seen no escape and was captured by Xeph. So Kloza wasn’t killed, but was left here to bleed out in pain. The only one that could’ve helped her, trapped away. I remember that night I had woken up in a dark void. A spell cast by Viridi, I couldn’t see or feel anything, but I could hear everything. An endless void. A spell I had learned to resist, afterwards. I remember hearing screams coming from down here, and suddenly they stopped. By the time I was released from the spell Kloza was gone. And I had never dared see what had really happened.

Divinity Team: The Split

I lifted her from the ground slowly closing my grip, I didn’t intend killing her now, that would be less fun. Make them suffer a bit before. A giant lightning bolt hit me in the back, catching me off guard. It stung a bit but I recovered quickly. A fire beam hit me in the face now, shit, I had let Nixus loose. She would be annoying. I kept regenerating my face as she burned it but I was actually getting angry now. A cold blast hit my legs and they were frozen. Green light flashed in front of me and I felt a deep cut in my belly. You think you can contain me… Yeah totally. A shrill roar came out of my mouth, I broke the ice and punched the green lights flashing in front of me, I heard a loud crack, and saw Suleos lying unconscious on the airfield.

Divinity Team: Darkness Returns

I ran the mech outside and launched a single missile at Hellius’ feet. This forced him to levitate giving me time to engage all my systems. I needed to reach a ship and get out of here. Then I’d figure out the rest. I was reaching another hangar and it blew up the same way the first one had, another Hellius flew above me. How the hell? There was one hangar left, and when I got there it was empty. Had the team left me? No way.

Divinity Team: Darkness Returns

I remember the day that I showed him my sketches. It had been a calm day, we had talked for hours on end. He shared with me the challenges he was facing mentally, how hard it was for him. I had talked with him so much before but he hadn’t ever shared with me or anyone else how he felt. That night I had more nightmares, so I went to the kitchen and sat on a stool with my sketchbook. I sketched out my nightmare, it helped me calm down. I heard steps behind me and Hellius sat down on a stool next to me, and I didn’t feel a need to hide my book, I simply kept drawing, even more at peace. I felt reassured with him. When I finished my sketch, I closed my book and laid it there. He slid it over to him and flipped through the pages. It felt like sharing something intimate with him, and he liked my work.

Divinity Team: Darkness Returns

The woman roared and took out a blade from her cloak. It was a 3 foot long sword with a wicked shape. Viridi got his bow out and shot 3 arrows at the figure. The arrows landed on the ground, cut in half. This was going to be fun. I sent lightning headed towards the figure and it blocked it with the sword as if it was nothing. I slammed my fist on the ground and sent electric shockwaves at her. Viridi shot another 5 arrows in quick succession. The figure leaped in the air, avoiding the arrows and the shockwave at once. She landed behind us again but this time she hit me in the stomach. I flew about 5 feet back in the air and I felt my body crunch on the landing. The figure took off again.

Divinity Team: Darkness Returns

As soon as Hellius got hold of Nixus I knew we needed to leave. Staying was risking both of our lives, and ultimately, it would weaken the team, making it easier for Hellius to destroy us. I wanted to send out a flare so badly, but that would risk the entire team, at the same time, I couldn’t fight Hellius with Nixus, much less alone. He was too powerful, how could I possibly slow him down. I sent attack after attack to Hellius but only his coat frosted. Eventually he got angry and grabbed me too.

Divinity Team: Interlude

I wake up strapped to a bed. A machine next to me is beeping with my heart rate. Where am I? I have a tremendous headache, what had happened? Last thing I could remember was waking up to a sharp pain in my chest with blood all around me. My regeneration power had failed me, and then I simply blacked out. Now here I was, no pain anywhere, in fact I couldn’t feel anything at all. I was numb all around.

Divinity Team: Trapped Inside

Suleos sprang up and lunged a hit at Tennum. Tennum shot an ice beam at his feet and froze him in place. Suleos summoned his swords and slashed the ice. He jumped at Zomborn and I just saw Suleos fly across the room again. This time I heard a loud crunch when Zomborn hit him. There were now 2 craters in the same wall.