Hey Jon, I finally got my new phone, still gotta add the contacts to it – 6:48pm   Um, who’s this? – 6:50pm   It’s me danielle – 6:50pm   Oh! Hey, how’s it going?! – 6:50pm   Pretty good, finally finished the final renovations on my house! – 6:50pm   Sweet! I can’t wait…

Origins: Blazerk

He still remembered the day he had killed his family twenty years ago. It had been the day that started his transformation. Three years ago he had finished transforming but was almost instantly captured by the Divinity Team and sent to a prison in Canada. But today had been the day. He had been planning his escape for so long, and he had succeeded. As he roared in anger standing on the ruins of the prison he heard something.

Alter Reality

Chloe stood at the edge of the cliff, looking down. She stared at the flowing river, calmly flowing over the rocks. But she wasn’t calm, she had just killed a man. A man that had loved her, but had been taken by the Nekro virus. She had been left with no choice, this troubled her, why hadn’t she been affected by the virus, everyone else she had know, was now dead. Daniel was the last one remaining, and now he was gone too. She dragged Daniel’s body to the edge of the cliff and pushed it off.

Robbed at Dawn

It was dawn when I woke up. I couldn’t believe I had slept that long. I looked around and I instantly notice something different. I don’t know what it is, my tent just feels odd. I scan my tent and notice what’s wrong. I had left my pen on top of my notebook, and now the pen was next to it. Someone had entered my tent… I had to find out who entered and what they had done inside my tent. I opened my notebook and I found out the last page had been ripped very carefully, I could see the little bits of paper left by the ripped page. Then noticed something else, my backpack was facing about 90 degrees from the direction of where I had left it.

Soul Eaters

Flashing lights, buzzing sirens, chaos, and death. That was the only way to describe the first hours of the eternal darkness. August 12th 2045. Everyone that tried to flee the country or enter it, would die inevitably. Communication systems failed fast as well and there was no way to know what was happening out of the country. From one day to the other, the United States had gone from a global power, to a dark void. 9 months since that day had passed, and the darkness was here to stay.


I saw his blood paint the ground, paint my shirt, and color everything red. I looked at Nathan and his face is  colorless, then I look back to where Buck was and I find myself staring at a zombie looking at me with murderous eyes and a hungry face. It was, or may I say, she was my mother… so we ran.