Divinity Team: Interlude

I wake up strapped to a bed. A machine next to me is beeping with my heart rate. Where am I? I have a tremendous headache, what had happened? Last thing I could remember was waking up to a sharp pain in my chest with blood all around me. My regeneration power had failed me, and then I simply blacked out. Now here I was, no pain anywhere, in fact I couldn’t feel anything at all. I was numb all around.

Divinity Team: Trapped Inside

Suleos sprang up and lunged a hit at Tennum. Tennum shot an ice beam at his feet and froze him in place. Suleos summoned his swords and slashed the ice. He jumped at Zomborn and I just saw Suleos fly across the room again. This time I heard a loud crunch when Zomborn hit him. There were now 2 craters in the same wall.

Alter Reality

Chloe stood at the edge of the cliff, looking down. She stared at the flowing river, calmly flowing over the rocks. But she wasn’t calm, she had just killed a man. A man that had loved her, but had been taken by the Nekro virus. She had been left with no choice, this troubled her, why hadn’t she been affected by the virus, everyone else she had know, was now dead. Daniel was the last one remaining, and now he was gone too. She dragged Daniel’s body to the edge of the cliff and pushed it off.

Divinity Team: Trapped Inside

I felt as if my ice had melted. We had done it all wrong and if Hellius did anything now, it would be our fault. We were potentially looking at a loss of 3 members of the team. It started that day with… Argh no! That had to happen, it was our only choice. I found myself in the kitchen, I had frozen half of it. Oops. I wondered how Nixus and Viridi were doing. Last time I checked on them they were recuperating but they still had a long way to go until they could fight again. Viridi was in better shape than Nixus though, and I was worried that Nixus may never get better, she was in a depression and had not ingested anything more than water. She looked weak and sad, add tho that the fact that she had broken nearly every bone in her body and punctured a lung. I really hoped our technology would heal her but who knew.

Divinity Team: The Blazing Giant

Hold back, hold back, hold back. Don’t slip in. I keep trying so hard to not to give in to my powers, but it’s hard. Its like if I had another side to who I was, it felt like that side was pulling me out of conscience so it could come out. I wish I was like the others, I wish I had limits, but I didn’t have them. Blazerk was getting weaker as we kept fighting, but he was getting increasingly angry. Suddenly Nixus flies directly towards Blazerk and sends 2 beams of white fire straight at his chest. Blazerk swings at her and she’s half a second too late to respond. Blazerk has her in his grip.

Robbed at Dawn

It was dawn when I woke up. I couldn’t believe I had slept that long. I looked around and I instantly notice something different. I don’t know what it is, my tent just feels odd. I scan my tent and notice what’s wrong. I had left my pen on top of my notebook, and now the pen was next to it. Someone had entered my tent… I had to find out who entered and what they had done inside my tent. I opened my notebook and I found out the last page had been ripped very carefully, I could see the little bits of paper left by the ripped page. Then noticed something else, my backpack was facing about 90 degrees from the direction of where I had left it.

Life.exe Part 6

I came out of the plane and there were 2 heading towards my gate. We saw each other and stopped in our tracks. We stood there for around a minute not knowing what to say until the guy to my right said, “Aye mates, so I’m not alone eh, I was expecting some hot chicks to be left alone with me on a desert planet, turned out to be this.” We all laughed, a bit of humor was becoming necessary. We talked about our stories and what was going on, and we were certain of something, there were beings leading us this very second, and we better follow what they say.

Life.exe Part 5

We called the humans inside the simulation, Homo-Proso. Or Prosos for short. Since we could control anything in the simulation (except for the Prosos) we managed to get all of the Prosos to Nevada at the same time. The idea was for them to meet each other at the airport at once. To make it even easier, we parked the planes next to each other. The reaction of the Prosos was hilarious. Now we had to get them all to Area 51.

Life.exe Part 4

I tried to ignore the note on my door and the fact that there was nobody else in the world, but I found myself unable to stop thinking about that. I went to the kitchen to make myself coffee and there was another note on my fridge, this one read, “There is a vehicle waiting for you in your garage, please head towards it.” I forgot about my coffee and went to the garage, I thought this was some sort of joke from my coworkers, somehow they simply organized a prank on me, but when I got to the garage, the thought of a joke vanished. There was a RAM 1500 in my garage…

Life.exe Part 3

When I woke up my house was clean and my headache had cleared. What? How did this happen? I went to my bathroom and there was a note on my mirror. It said “You’re welcome, now please follow along and it will all be ok.” Who wrote the note? And what did they mean with “follow along”? I ripped it off my mirror and threw it to the trash. I served myself cereal and there was another note on my cereal box. It read “Don’t throw away the notes, finish your breakfast and go to your garage.” That was creepy, how did they know I threw away the note, and how did anyone write on the cereal box itself? I finished my cereal and took out a coffee mug wich unsurprisingly said “We need you to hurry up, we waited for you the whole day yesterday.” So I put my mug down and walked to my garage. I was expecting to find my Civic, but instead I was surprised by a Ferrari 458 Italia. My favorite car… In my garage. How did they know? The car plate said “Get in” and I did so willingly. I found a paper on the driver’s seat that said “Take this car to the airport, there is a flight there for you” This was the most awesome dream ever. So I drove to the airport, occasionally revving the engine up to 200 mph.